Do The Crawl, wholesale $16

Rocket To Memphis' 4th CD "Do The Crawl" invites you to join the band on a hip-dislocating adventure through a fresh batch of infectious tunes and wild sounds! It was cut at Yo-Yo studio in Perth but once again the band worked with Heavy Trash guru Matt Verta-Ray, who mixed the album in New York, in hurricane conditions!

From the irresistible "GoGo" - a 60s-style rock n roll stomper which opens the album, Betty Bombshell and her incendiary compadres drag you through rockabilly ("Turn It On"), Diddley-esque swamp ("Swamp Guy"), the sexy "In Black and White" and finish up with "Rockin' All Night" - which y'all WILL be if you follow this simple 11 step programme!

Forget the Watusi, the Twist and the Squirm... this here's the CRAWL - and you gotta learn!
Get yourself a copy and dig the crazy sound of ROCKET TO MEMPHIS.

Go Go / You're The Boss wholesale $7

Listen up vinyl junkies... here's a wild 45 that you'll be racing to get on the turntable!

The A-side "Go Go" is the dance-floor stomper that opens Rocket's brand new album - it's a gritty, 3 minute anthem for a dolled-up, hip-shakin' night on the town. The flip is a smouldering version of "You're The Boss" that'll get you up to all sorts of things on the
dance-floor later in the night!

Mixed by Matt Verta-Ray and wrapped in a killer Lluis Fuzzhound sleeve, this limited edition, neon-blue platter is a double-headed winner!

April 2013
OTH 7124

In a daring public exhibition in 1837, Mr Robert Cocking released his parachute and promptly launched himself into eternity. In 2013 the Green Circles launch their 4th album Mr Cocking's descent.
With this new release, the Green Circles invite you to climb into their basket and soar into the psych/garage/jangled sky.

These four dashing aerialists showcase their daring with guitars that have six and twelve strings, bass guitars with four, wailing organs, drums, a tambourine, a saxophone, and various sets of vocals cords. It's taken more than 80 days to launch, but they have landed eleven new tracks – nine originals and a couple of covers originally performed by band faves the Screaming Believers and the Ninth Wave.

From the riff and harmony laden I can't see the day and I'll give you thanks to the tough, overdriven Time comes and Semaphore Girl, the dreamy Love tinged Flown and the deep psych groove of Watermelon sugar blues, this Green Circles collection shows how far they have travelled since they first took off in Adelaide.

Previous releases Tavistock Street, Brass knobs, bevelled edges (and in 23 different positions) and Get on the outside of this have received rave reviews from all over the globe and Mr Cocking's descent is destined to go down in history as their hottest set yet!

The Green Circles have more hooks than a piranha's mouth. Phil Suggitt, Shindig
Simply smoking. Mike Bennett, Fufkin

Mr Cocking's descent - out now on Off the Hip Records

Jan 2013
La Bastards 'Tales From Beyond'

Surf/rockabilly/60's extravaganza La Bastard are back. Having quickly earned a reputation as one of Melbourne's wildest live bands - with antics ranging from playing on tabletops and bars to entire crowds storming the stage – La Bastard now deliver their sophomore album "Tales From the Beyond". Recorded with Paul Maybury (Rocket Science) at Secret Location studios and mixed by Jesse Booher (Looma), the new album infuses La Bastard's energetic, reverb-drenched classic sound with a sultry, moody underbelly.
Ranging from folorn doo-wop ("Beaten Down"), pounding, moody dirges ("Call of the Wild"), blistering surf guitar licks ("Timorese Ninja") to intense, relentess swamp blues ("Stranger in the Night"), the new album captures a band that band that is meaner, tighter and more determined than ever before.

Channelling the melancholy of

Roy Orbison, the surf licks of Man... or Astro Man, and the fire of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, "Tales from the Beyond" is the band's most accomplished and exciting work to date.
"Treat this band with respect." Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine

"An energetic release full of attitude and kick-ass musicianship... ...get your dancin' shoes on and prepare for one helluva workout." Cherrie Magazine

"The cheers and smiles of everyone at this show is a soaring tribute to just how good they are" Zoran Ilievski, Veri.Live Magazine

NOV 2012
OTH 7120

The Tombstone Ramblers are inspired by the great canon of American music. Their sound moves between the songs that made it down the
Appalachian Mountains, the roots and rhythm that echo up and down the Mississippi River and the psychedelic howls of the West Coast.

Exiled in the A.C.T., former The Dolly Rocker Movement bass-player Ricky Tombstone started writing tunes on a beat up old guitar to while away the hours of boredom in the nation's capital. A chance meeting on a Friday night saw Ricky become reacquainted with Ramblin' Dan of Sydney's rock, country, garage and punk finest, The Dunhill Blues. After heaps of beers and settling in for an unforgettable live performance of The Dunhill Blues the very next night, the idea of The Tombstone Ramblers was born.

The Tombstone Ramblers first, brief, incarnation featured Daniel Poulter of The Dolly Rocker Movement on drums, Piers Cornelius of The
Laurels on guitar, M. Walter Walters of The Dolly Rocker Movement on organ and Ricky on bass guitar. A line-up change saw Ramblin' Dan take up the drums for The Tombstone Ramblers while Ricky moved to guitar and Luke Havill of Milkmaids joined us on bass guitar. M. Walter Walters was, and forever will be, the man behind the organ. The Ramblers first took to Dan's shed then to The Boneyard, a shipping container in Sydney's industrial wasteland to hone their skills and develop their sound.

At a live show you can expect stompin' drum beats, thunderous bass, overdriven guitar and paranoia-inducing organ that can throw the train off the rails. The Tombstone Ramblers play rock n roll and they play it loud. Now after many hours and many a beer in the boneyard The Tombstone Ramblers are pleased to present you with their self-titled, debut album through Australia's finest independent record label, Off the Hip.



Off The Hip have black tshirts for sale with white off the hip logo. AUD$30 postpaid to anywhere in the world. sizes: KIDS, LADIES, MENS SMALL, MENS MEDIUM, MENS LARGE, MENS XLARGE

November 2012
THE SINGLES - Use it for yourself
2xCD - OTH 7114

Dig For Plenty Cover

The Singles are a band I have always rated as highly likely to make it big. I find them one of the most charming pop groups around. The songs are inhabited by characters from broken homes, children whose fathers have died, boyfriends whose girlfriends have left them lonely and despairing. They tread the same general trail forged so admirably by the Buzzcocks and the Undertones, and though they have not scaled those dizzy heights of popdom there is every suggestion their best moments are still ahead of them. Roadrunner, 1981.

So wrote the ex-Riptides guitarist and music journalist Scott Matheson in the music magazine Roadrunnerin early 1981. But like with The Saints, The Triffids, The Go-betweens and The Boys Next Door, the wider Australian music scene was not receptive, even hostile, to bands whose music didn't fit the commercial music industry mould that existed at the time. Many lesser bands went on to enjoy commercial success in Australia with vastly inferior songs. Many bands decamped and went to Europe. The Singles battled it out in Sydney striving for recognition and success.

The Singles started playing the Sydney inner city scene in the early 1980s in venues such as the Civic, Rock Garden, Chequers, Frenchs, the Paddington Green and the Heritage Hotel. Their sound was post punk art pop reminiscent of the Buzzcocks. The songs are simple, melodic, catchy and straight to the point pop.

Songs such as 'Love of Loves', 'Stay', 'Perfect Girl', 'Sad Clown' made instant connections to the young inner city Sydney audience who just missed mid 1970's punk scene. In early 1980 the Singles release their first ep Love of Loves on Double Think Records. This ep immediately sold out. Later in 1980 the Singles released Someone that I knew on Basilisk Records and this further cemented their sound and their audience. Someone that I knew started getting solid airplay on the ABC's Sydney music station DoubleJay (2JJ). The Singles started to fill inner-city venues and booking agencies tried them in the large suburban beer barns where their post punk pop sound didn't go down with suburban audiences who wanted the Radiators, 'Chisel' and the Angels and definitely not charming pop. Undeterred The Singles continued to play the inner city while venturing out into the suburbs supporting the likes of Sunnyboys and InXS. They released the limited edition cassette singlesSomething's' Not Right in 1981 and The Party in 1982. Their final single The Day was featured on the compilation Shake and Shout released by Survival Records in 1984

This was a time when Sydney's rundown inner-city saw an explosion of creativity from a new generation of youth who inhabited the squats and cheap rent terraces of Darlinghurst, Chippendale and Newtown, This generation referenced a blend of mid 1970's nihilist British punk and the blistering attitude on 1960's American and Australian garage pop. It was a time when in both Sydney and Melbourne young musicians and artists were breaking the shackles held over the Australian music scene by commercial radio and record companies that controlled Australian music through the 1970s.

While the Singles received critical acclaim in the music press, enjoyed solid air play on 2JJ and a held a loyal and enthusiastic inner city following, wider commercial success eluded them. In mid 1983 they played their last show at the Sydney Graphic Arts Club in Chippendale just a few blocks away from the terrace where they formed four years earlier. Use it for yourself is an anthology of The Singles songs from their EP, single, cassette and compilation releases from 1980 – 1984.

June 2012
OTH 4503/4504

Dig For Plenty Cover

4 new recordings: The singles were recorded in Australia and Spain featuring two new Casino penned originals "You Still Got Nothing To Say" & "No Direction Home" and a cover of Spencer P Jones 'Trick My Boat Wrong' and Nic Nicotine's 'I Let You Down'. limited to 500 copies. Gatefold sleeve.

June 2012

Dig For Plenty Cover

In 2006, one Japanese, one French, one Caribbean and one Spanish got together to form a black rhythm & blues party band!

London's newest R&B-punk sensation – okay, maybe our only R&B-punk outfit – are making fun times where ever they go. With a repertoire encompassing many of the greats of the '50s and '60s you won't be able to help but move your feet. The King howls like Screaming Jay Hawkins with Bo Diddley chasing his coat-tail and with Andre Williams trying to offer up some of his bacon fat. This man never stops shakin' and twistin' and groovin' while the Cumberland 3 (former members of the Ulcers, Chinese Lungs and Parkinsons) play their own branded mix of vintage rockabilly desperate rock'n'roll and a bit of soul with fire, energy, gusto and fun!

They have played all over Europe, and more recently Japan & China, sharing the stage with the Pretty Things, the Trashmen, the Standells, the Mummies, the Bellrays, the Cynics, etc...and have released a bunch of killer 45's on different European record labels.

This CD release collects a bunch of their 7" tracks plus rarities and compilation tracks.

July 2012

Dig For Plenty Cover

"I'll Be A Dog" is the brand new album by Melbourne's wildest garage band Midnight Woolf. Packed with 14 of the craziest, fuzziest and furriest tracks this winter. Recorded by Raul Sanchez over 12 months on 8 track tape, it captures Midnight Woolf at their sexiest "Take it off", dirtiest "Natural Man" and heart-thumping danciest "It's Love".

With hand-drawn artwork by Lluis Fuzzhound and out on Off The Hip Records, the album is bound to set the cats a-running and the dogs a-chasing. So round up the chickens and tie down the hen-house, the Woolf are back on the prowl.

September 2012

Dig For Plenty Cover

'Mesa Cosa are proud to be releasing their much lauded 'Infernal Cakewak' record via Off The Hip Records.

Recorded in their dingy Brunswick living room by Nao Anzai (Rat vs. Possum/Nunchukka Superfly) and packaged in a lush sleeve designed by CM Ruiz (Dead Ghosts, Davila 666, Tacocat). The Infernal Cakewalk EP captures Mesa Cosa's "the Stooges walk into a Tequila bar" live attitude in a "hey, we put out a record!" kind of way.

With three additional tracks plus re-mastering by Mikey Young this is the definitive version of one of this years most raucous standout releases. 'A formidable debut' said Beat magazine. The Infernal Cakewalk EP offers ten of Mesa Cosa's enigmatic fist-pumping garage songs from their huge ouvre. Featuring the sing-a-long garage anthem Shoplifter, noise punk orgy Los Perros (The Dogs) and the 6(66) minute opus of fuzz, demonic chants and free saxophone bedlam boogie Diablo. Mesa Cosa are a six piece from everywhere between Mexico City and Melbourne, Australia, that play an aggressive blend of noisy punk, garage rock and Mexican folk tunes. Led by a diminutive chilango from Mexico City, singing in both Spanish and English, Mesa Cosa mix their un-dying love of Mexican celebrations and dark symbols with their un-ashamed love for garage music and experimental noise.Mesa Cosa (only) play fun, energetic shows filled with dancing, mayhem, things breaking, people fall- ing down, glasses smashing, amps failing and tambourine sacrifices to the party gods.

Having the honor of playing with some of Melbournes most amazing bands in Melbournes most ritualized venues. Mesa Cosa have earned a cult following second only to Allah and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Soon to be playing with some of the best bands the US and Japan have to offer, this is a band to watch and this is a record to quickly add to your collection.

"Every thousand years or so, the Devil throws a party, as you well know, I'm never invited. But I hear this time around Mesa Cosa played. and. they. destroyed. EVERYTHING! Then.. every body got laid." -God

September 2012

Off The Hip is proud to present The Zoobombs 'The Ultimate Collection'! For those of you who aren't familiar, Zoobombs formed in Tokyo in 1994, toured with The Flaming Lips and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and were dubbed "Heroes of the Japanese Next Wave", they have been playing their unique brand of bombastic and explosive garage party psych rock for over 15 years and have gathered a cult audience all over the world.

"The supersonic Tokyo band somehow morphed from Stonesy punk-rock maniacs to freaky jazz-rock jammers without missing a beat, or losing a tad of their record-breaking intensity. Band leader Don Matsuo repeatedly risked everything, pushing the audience to the brink with endless jams before dissolving into a gloriously noisy release." - Toronto Sun.

This Off The Hip release includes twelve of Zoobombs greatest hits, including the infectious party groove of 'Mo Funky' and the explosive energy of 'South Central Rock'. Soon to be touring with Melbourne garage ratbags Mesa Cosa, this CD is a special edition Australian release that will have you jumping up and down in your bed with unashamed abandon. Don't miss Zoobombs on their August Australia tour and pick up this exclusive Off The Hip release in store now!

April 2012
The No Real Need - Nonlocal Motives
CD - OTH 7111

Dig For Plenty Cover

The No Real Need can be traced back to when a teenage Steve Hewitt first blasted Guided By Voices' 'Teenage FBI' from the downstairs bedroom of his parents house one morning in 2000. His younger brother Mark was appalled at what he heard. First it had been The Beatles, then R.E.M., and now this—another flimsy second-tier guitar-pop band whose frivolous melodies would follow him around day and night, burrowing into his consciousness permanently like bad television, polluting his puritanical version of Modern Rock—a military state in which Fugazi ruled with an iron fist and the only pop to be heard was the slip of a spinal disc in an all-male mosh pit where no-one was allowed to do the twist. But he couldn't shut out the fun forever. A decade later young Mark found himself—one part D.C. and nine parts Ringwood—in the woods in Ohio where the Pabst flowed like water, belting the drums in the name of his older brother's studio debut. When Leon Cranswick and other brother Adam Hewitt joined a little later, Steve's lo-fi bedroom recording project became a full band.

Nonlocal Motives is The No Real Need's second album, and is the first document of the band as a four-piece. Recorded by Robert Pollard's right-hand man Todd Tobias at Waterloo Sound in the USA, and by Brent Punshon at Melbourne's Head Gap, it has more of a live feel than 2009's Thistles Where We Slept; yet the addition of new voices has only broadened the canvas for Steve's idiosyncratic pop, which reaches a little further out into space this time. The songs project richly imagined, echo-laden nth dimensions, littered with metaphysical musings and Jungian freak-outs. There are more layers, more echo-tinged tangents than before, all coated in a sticky shared DNA damaged as much by grunge as by tape delay. But the essential sound of Steve's operation remains: an odd blend of stiff-armed Colin Newman-style experimentalism and buttery, harmonised pop. Probably closer to the latter, much to the drummer's chagrin. Cassette version available in April on Do Your Block.

April 2012
CD - OTH 7110

Dig For Plenty Cover

"An heiress to a tradition of dramatic, confessional music that explores the dark side of life and love. She is backed by what really is an all-star Melbourne band. Her voice is smoky and sensual, wrapping itself around her lyrics. Her stage presence is arresting as her voice" - Tom Hawking, Editor Inpress

Through unhinged guitar lines and intense brooding vocals, Crystal Thomas is set to release 'A Chance In Hell' - Crystal's sophomore album, due out on 2nd April 2012, through iconic Melbourne label Off The Hip. The album; written, recorded, and co-produced with Spencer P Jones and Matt Walker, captures Crystal's 'Australian-gothic', confessional lyrics over a dark disco pulse and rock n roll swagger, raw against the lush production of the previous offering – 2008 Stovepipe records release: 'Crystal Thomas & the Flowers of Evil'.

january 2012
Brat Farrar – S/T - OTH 7112

Dig For Plenty Cover

Debut solo long-player from Sam Agostino (Digger and The Pussycats, Russian Roulettes, Kamikaze Trio) playing under the pseudonym Brat Farrar.

Moving from Wipers inspired punk through to noisy grunge and industrial influenced punk at the core of the record is Agostino's trademark songwriting and guitar stylings.

All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Brat Farrar.

Follow up to the 45 "It's On Me" out thru P Trash.

Vinyl version of the album released on Every Night Is Like A Saturday Night (Australia) and P Trash (Europe). Cassette version available on Popular Favourites (Australia)

january 2012
Russian Roulettes – Physical Education - OTH 7109

Dig For Plenty Cover

Melbourne garage super-group Russian Roulettes second record.

Recorded in the bands rehearsal space by Sam, mixed by Matt Voight and mastered at Masterdisk in New York.

A more diverse offering than the bands debut release as well as their trademark fast paced rock n roll this record features 60s styled psych rock, introspective slower tempo tunes and even a song sung by the drummer!!! (just like Ringo)

june 2011

Dig For Plenty Cover

Molten Universe are a garage rock band hailing from Sydney Australia featuring Tony Bambach, Gerard Corben and Tom Corben from the Lime Spiders, Richard Jakimyszyn ex-Lime Spiders, New Christs and Hitmen, Phil Jaquet ex-Celibate Rifles and Damien Stofka ex-Death Mattel. They released the "No Love Around" CD EP through Off The Hip Records in 2008 which received excellent reviews and extensive airplay throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. New Yorks Big Takeover magazine declared that "Molten Universe establishes itself as the latest flame keeper of the rock and roll torch" while WMBR Boston voted it in their top 10 new releases for that year. The lyrics of No Love Around exposed the dark underbelly of urban life and explored themes of sexual perversion, voodoo witchcraft and drug induced psychosis. Molten Universe deals out an uncompromisingly heavy garage rock sound which reinforces their stark and pessimistic world view. It is no wonder that Off The Hip label boss Mickster despaired that "It's no wonder there is no love around".

Against this backdrop, Molten Universe are now extremely proud to annouce the release of their debut album "The Green Ray", 9 tracks of bone jarring garage rock which bears similarities to early Lime Spiders 7" releases, which is no surpise given the pedigree of the bands memebers. 8 of these tracks were recorded in glorious analogue at Tardis Studios in Marrickville and Pirate Studios on the picturesque far South Coast of NSW. The album contains 1 live track, a cover version of the Killer Kane Band tune "Long Haired Woman" which was recorded at The Excelsior Hotels "Sydney Trade Union Club Revival" in 2010. The lyrics of The Green Ray album again are slightly unnerving with the band traversing new subject matter such as Alien Abduction - specifically the bands abduction from their Tarago at The Big Merino Truckstop and subsequent torture and brainwashing by mutant alien creatures while travelling the country supporting the Cult on the 1987 Electric tour, geriatric vigilate squads, NWA pro wrestling - in particular the awesome Flair/ Steamboat fued of the early 90's, Ancient Egyptian Mummification practices and transgender prostitution. The music is as heavy and raw as ever and again features some blistering guitar work by turbo-charged guitarist Jakimyszyn.

Molten Universe urge you to connect with your inner selves as the Green Ray Will Read Your Mind.

september 2011

Dig For Plenty Cover

Considered to be one of the most promising bands of the Spanish Garage scene at the moment, THE MOONSTONES now issue their very first and long-awaited LP on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS (Germany) and the CD version on OFF THE HIP RECORDS.

THE MOONSTONES are influenced by bands such as THE MIRACLE WORKERS, THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS or THE SONICS and produce correspondingly superb music. The title of their debut album FUZZ, FARFISA Y FIESTA already says what they are all about: Rocking music filled with a lot of Fuzz guitar, 60's farfisa organ and a crazy party attitude; all of which is set in Spain. This album is Garage Rock at its best; brilliant melodies, groovy hammondsounds, wild and fuzzy guitars, a strong, mainly
Spanish singing Punkrock voice, a bit of harmonica, danceable rhythms and a cool Beat all add up to a wild and fabulous Garage-album with a touch of Spanish ambience.

FUZZ, FARFISA Y FIESTA consists of 14 ingenious songs performed by this quintet from Madrid and except for one cover of THEE MILKSHAKES' song "I'll use evil", which is sung in Spanish, they are also written by THE MOONSTONES themselves.

Recorded in the famous Circo Perrotti Studios this LP provides us with an authentic mixture of Garage, Punk and R&B and is consequently just perfect for everyGaragepunk, 60's freak and anyone, who loves good music.

july 2011:
Harvest Smoke - 'Minor Industry' CD (OTH 7108)  

Dig For Plenty Cover

HARVEST SMOKE are a gang of four, part Perth born / part Melbourne born, who fell into the same room late 2010 to play some music for main man BENNY J WARD's freshly written songs that had been penned on six month road trip that he and his wife Nici undertook around Australia.

The trip was a sabatical of sorts having spent the majority of his post high school years rockin' and rollin' with his best mates in the Screwtop Detonators on numerous tours, shows, recordings, a re-location to Melbourne, and all the other general punk rock shenanigans the youth of yesterday undertook.

So, having driven a million kilometers through red dirt and redneck country towns, the red man himself - and one time 'Lone Ranga', (look it up) - stopped in Melbourne, called his Screwtop buddy LEROY FRENCH and said "I'm keen to play again, but this time I've written a stack of hits whilst killing time on the road - gold I tells ya, GOLD!".

So looking to enlist a bass player and a drummer he called upon good buddies STU (Manchu) BANKO and PUGS LYNGCOLN (aka Knuckles) from Sons of Lee Marvin and before you know it HARVEST SMOKE was born. A few rehearsals and a couple of shows later, all of a sudden they're in A SECRET LOCATION studio in Melbourne's inner north east with Paul Mayberry smashing out their debut album ''MINOR INDUSTRY'. Covering power-pop to punk rock to country balladry, the album is a finely polished piece of work.

Singing songs about a 'CAT AND A DOG' being in love to a violent thug protesting he 'AIN'T SUCH A BAD GUY' after all, and even penning lyrical magic about the combined nasal flavoured stench of 'BUSHFIRE AND EGGS' of the drummers' beard.

The album is now done and is ready to drop. It's set to be released on JULY 23rd, 2011 through Off The Hip (physical) and Bridge Sounds (digital). 'Minor Industry' Album Launch - July 23rd @ Yah Yah's (Vic) w/ Swedish Magazines, Wrong Turn and Nici Blue Eyes.

View "Dog and a Cat" flim clip - from the album "Minor Industry"

Facebook - Harvest Smoke

june 2011

Dig For Plenty Cover

Molten Universe are a garage rock band hailing from Sydney Australia featuring Tony Bambach, Gerard Corben and Tom Corben from the Lime Spiders, Richard Jakimyszyn ex-Lime Spiders, New Christs and Hitmen, Phil Jaquet ex-Celibate Rifles and Damien Stofka ex-Death Mattel. They released the "No Love Around" CD EP through Off The Hip Records in 2008 which received excellent reviews and extensive airplay throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. New Yorks Big Takeover magazine declared that "Molten Universe establishes itself as the latest flame keeper of the rock and roll torch" while WMBR Boston voted it in their top 10 new releases for that year. The lyrics of No Love Around exposed the dark underbelly of urban life and explored themes of sexual perversion, voodoo witchcraft and drug induced psychosis. Molten Universe deals out an uncompromisingly heavy garage rock sound which reinforces their stark and pessimistic world view. It is no wonder that Off The Hip label boss Mickster despaired that "It's no wonder there is no love around".

Against this backdrop, Molten Universe are now extremely proud to annouce the release of their debut album "The Green Ray", 9 tracks of bone jarring garage rock which bears similarities to early Lime Spiders 7" releases, which is no surpise given the pedigree of the bands memebers. 8 of these tracks were recorded in glorious analogue at Tardis Studios in Marrickville and Pirate Studios on the picturesque far South Coast of NSW. The album contains 1 live track, a cover version of the Killer Kane Band tune "Long Haired Woman" which was recorded at The Excelsior Hotels "Sydney Trade Union Club Revival" in 2010. The lyrics of The Green Ray album again are slightly unnerving with the band traversing new subject matter such as Alien Abduction - specifically the bands abduction from their Tarago at The Big Merino Truckstop and subsequent torture and brainwashing by mutant alien creatures while travelling the country supporting the Cult on the 1987 Electric tour, geriatric vigilate squads, NWA pro wrestling - in particular the awesome Flair/ Steamboat fued of the early 90's, Ancient Egyptian Mummification practices and transgender prostitution. The music is as heavy and raw as ever and again features some blistering guitar work by turbo-charged guitarist Jakimyszyn.

Molten Universe urge you to connect with your inner selves as the Green Ray Will Read Your Mind.

april 2011

Dig For Plenty Cover

A new studio album from Johnny Casino with a few friends in tow; Mike Burnham of Tardis studios fame on drums, and Rodney Agar of the Mess Makers on vocals.

Johnny Casino is known for delivering classic Detroit styled rock as part of Asteroid B-612, Easy Action and most recently with Johnny Casino and The Secrets. This new album is a slight departure from that trajectory: equal parts garage, rock, plus a little soul thrown into the tribal grooves contained herein.

april 2011

Dig For Plenty Cover

The Painkillers bring together the battered acoustic guitar of Joe Bludge and the massive rock n roll beats of James Baker.

A fixture of the Perth scene, The Painkillers have played more gigs in that city than any other act since forming there in 2005. Their sound began with the common ground between Bludge's love of proto-rock and Baker's punk-tinted take on rock n roll, but quickly evolved into a genuine garage audacity that draws upon other influences at whim.

They have released two previous albums to substantial acclaim, Drunk on a Train and Love Cancer. Their third album, Feel the Pain, is described by the band as their finest recording yet!

march 2011

Dig For Plenty Cover

Melbourne band Mass Cult (formerly Mass Cult Suicide) distill the wild garage sounds of their 2009 self-titled debut to a tight knot of lo-fi indie punk with their second offering This Aint No Paradise. Vocalist/bassist Dan Trolley is joined by a brand new line up featuring guitarist Yolanda De Rose. Mass Cult's new album is a tight, tough, concise take on contemporary garage pop.

This Ain't No Paradise recalls the pre-grunge sound of mid 80s indie-pop, custom-fit with a high energy Australian garage feel. What results is a collection of killer lo-fi tunes ranging from badass punk-edged freakouts to smoky organ-driven urban ballads and woozy reverbed-out hangover tunes.

This Ain't No Paradise has a sound that is tight and loose in all the right places, with a feel that evokes images of the blissful blur of crazy weekends and the orange-lit back streets of Melbourne summer nights. Recorded by Jack Farley at Transient Studios and mastered by Casey Rice.

This Aint No Paradise by Mass Cult - available through Off The Hip Records.

february 2011
ROCKET TO MEMPHIS "jungle juice" CD

Dig For Plenty Cover




ROCKET TO MEMPHIS Led by the smokin' Betty Bombshell, and featuring members from seminal Sydney post punk outfit Toys Went Berserk, ROCKET TO MEMPHIS have been leaving audiences dishevelled since they first exploded onto the Perth scene in 2006, with a unique sound and knee-trembling live performances.

Debut CD 'Swampwater Shuffle' (2007) gave the rest of the world it's first taste of their "hip shakin' voodoo rock n roll" - and the following year the band supported swamp heroes The Scientists (Perth International Arts Festival) before firing up the Rocket for its first Eastern States flight.

2009 saw the band launch their second album, featuring an eye-popping cover by renowned lowbrow artist Vince Ray and 13 stompin and wickedly infectious voodoo-infused gems. The aptly-titled "Hip Shakin' Voodoo" was picked up for release by UK rockabilly label Raucous Records and launched with an ambitious "voodoo vaudeville"extravaganza and a national tour.

With an international release under their belts, Rocket to Memphis turned it's attention overseas in 2010, band blazing a rockin trail through Japan and the UK in April/May and returning to Tokyo in October to headline a wild event called "Voodoo Erotica Go-Go Rock n Roll!"

They also found time to record an album in New York, with Heavy Trash guru Matt Verta-Ray, in his vintage valve-driven studio. Matt has recorded such luminaries as Andre Williams and Rudy Ray Moore, and proved to be the perfect match for Rocket to Memphis. Captured live, with minimal overdubs, "Jungle Juice" is the bands most exciting release yet, with a remarkably eclectic collection of songs, that takes you on a wild roller-coaster ride from the Cramps-esque opener "I'm Bad" through to the cathartic rockabilly closer "Zombie Rumble". On the way, we discover their seductive version of Jack Scott's "Never Felt Like This", the 60s-sounding "Time Machine" and even a sultry and swingin' mambo number "Not Crazy"! The band's off-kilter take on rockabilly owes much to Razor Jack's angular guitar but Betty Bombshell's vocals really take it somewhere else again, making it hard to pick obvious reference points. Jungle Juice is simply a great collection of catchy tunes - it's sexy, it rocks, and it's FUN from start to finish.

january 2011:
Little Murders “DIG FOR PLENTY” CD (OTH 7098)  

Dig For Plenty CoverPersonnel:
Rob Griffiths: vocals, guitar
Rod Hayward: guitar, vocals
Bruce Minty: guitar, vocals
Tony Roberton: bass, vocals
Duncan Hamilton: drums, vocals
Mick Barclay: drums, vocals
Craig Pilkington produced
Rob Griffiths wrote all the songs

Little Murders exploded onto the Melbourne music in August 1979 with their debut single “Things Will Be Different” playing their first gig on the day of release. That record is now revered as a classic Australian power pop indie release. They then proceeded to release a clutch of classic singles before grinding to a halt in 84.

Since then Little Murders have made a number of brief comebacks releasing 100 drugs in 85, the “Stop” album in 86 and in 1996 releasing their second album “..and Stuff Like That”. From then on Little Murders would release an album (1998 “First Light” 2001 “We Should Be Home By Now” ) play a few gigs and then slip away again.

However in 2008 a couple of things changed in the Little Murders camp. Firstly they got a call to support “From The Jam” and reconnected to the Mod audience from back in the early Eighties. This lead to regular rehearsals and Rob writing new songs. Secondly in August 2009 Off The Hip released an anthology of all their early studio recordings “Stop Plus Singles”. Little Murders went out on the road to support the CD but this time they had a bunch of new songs that fitted seamlessly with the older tracks.

Even before the release of “Stop Plus Singles” (the anthology) the band had begun recording the new songs at Audrey Studios in Coburg with producer Craig Pilkington (The Killjoys). Initially Mick Barclay (Weddings Parties Anything, Paul Kelly) played drums and sang harmonies and his contributions are integral to the Murder sound. But with Mick working with so many other bands Little Murders found a permanent drummer in Duncan Hamilton (ex-Holoscene) who also plays and sings on this record.

“Dig For Plenty” is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of “For You” “Pretty Penny”, and “Rock Academy” to the London jet set swing of “Roxy” and the bouncy pop delight of “Girl What’s On Your Mind?”. The album is full of simply great Little Murders tracks. The garage rock groove that is “Running Man” the psychedelic rock trip of “Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)”. And more.

So open the cover, take out the disc and put it the car stereo. Enjoy the open road with the sound of Little Murders “Dig For Plenty”.

december 2010:
The Dunhill Blues "THE HARD TRUTH" CD (OTH 7099)

The Hard Truth CoverAre bands really prepared to put in the hard yards anymore?

Or do they just set up their myspace page and wait for the email to say they’ve been discovered?

Upon the release of last years self-titled debut, The Dunhill Blues took on a ridiculous amount of touring for a small time band.

In the 12 months since it’s release, The Dunhill Blues have packed into a 1997 Hiace and played countless regional gigs across the country in places such as Bangalow, Bateman’s Bay, Bega, Belconnen, Maitland, Geelong, Lennox Heads, Lismore, Port Macquarie, Fairy Meadow, and Mildura. All this on top of gigs in Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane (3 times) and Melbourne (3 times) and at least a dozen gigs in their home town of Sydney.

The result is a well oiled, wall of sound, rock n roll machine, with a bunch of blistering new tracks and a chaotic live show that’ll make wallflowers bloom.

The Dunnies  (they’re cool with the abbreviation BTW) are now set to release their 2nd album through Off The Hip.

After making guest appearances on the debut album, Frank Bliss (Sax/Banjo/Vox) and Tilly Campbell (Organ/Vox/Percussion) are now fully fledged members of the band. Mike “Dad” Budden (Guitar/Trumpet/Vox) also joins the band following the untimely death of original member Kristen McCall shortly before the release of the debut album.

They join original members Dan Batchelor (Vox/Guitar), Adam Brzozowski (Vox/Bass) and Greg Bergin (Drums/Vox).

The 16 tracks on the album cover a record collection’s worth of styles.

Everything got thrown at the wall, and by Jesus, it’s all stuck. 

If nothing else, The Dunnies can now lay claim to being the greatest Blues-Punk-Country-Garage-Rock-Psychedelic-Soul-Revival band going around…… and that’s not such a bad thing.


september 2010:
Johnny Casion and the Secrets "HIT THE GROUND RUNNING" 7" (OTH 4501)

hey, here we are with a new release from off the hip records. and this time it's our first foray into vinyl. yes a 7" single with two exclusive recordings from one of australia's best rock'n'rollers JOHNNY CASINO. "HIT THE GROUND RUNNING" (casino) b/w "HEAVY MUSIC" (seger). Johnny's albums from the past few years have seen some of his best work to date, and these new recordings show the gamblin' man is still at the top of his game. **limited to 500 copies, individually numbered. USA pressing, glued jackets.


august 2010:

We Got All The Things That Are Good CoverSmashing their way like a magic bus full of power pop love, Tasmania’s Sole Stickers plant their Converse sneakers on the pedal and grind the gears up the hip shaking highways of rock’n’roll on their debut album We Got All Things That Are Good (out 21st Aug on Off The Hip).

Nailing a classic British infused garage style, Sole Stickers enlisted Jon Auer of The Posies, who mixed the album and added his musical finesse via internet collaboration from the super fuzz capital of Seattle (USA).

With Jon waving his magical wand, the album cranks the dial back to when the go-go groove was an essential part of the daily diet and when electric bands were changing the World. Jon’s impressive CV includes working in the production studio with You Am I, Tad, Redd Kross amongst others. And along with Ken Stringfellow (his band mate from The Posies), Auer also has been a pivotal part of the reformation of quintessential American power pop band Big Star.

Forming two years ago from the ashes of Tassie garage band The Reactions, Sole Stickers is the musical marriage of lead singer/guitarist James Dilger (ex-The Reactions) Matt Labedzki (drums/vocals) and Jono Hill (bass). Sole Stickers are masters of guitar-driven four-chord hooktastic rock/pop, and even throw in a country tune for good measure, aptly titled Country Ballad #8, which would sit well on Ween’s album 12 Golden Country Greats.

We Got All Things That Are Good features eleven blistering songs, filled with music that is a return to the sub three minute single, driven by the garage guitar riff, wild drums, middle 8's, boys singing like girls and the occasional freaked-out feedback solo. It also showcases guest performances by Jon Auer himself, as well as Kim & Lulu of Seattle’s beloved Fastbacks.

august 2010:
The Jimmy C "GLAMOUR & FAME" CD (OTH 7092) 

Glamour & Fame CoverA confession from The Jimmy C.

I have always been the guy on drums at the back of the stage.

The Devilrock Four are my way of getting on stage and having fun playing live music (Fez Perez & Luxedo before that). But the music in my head has never seemed to fit those bands. So I taught myself guitar, bass and finally plucked up the courage to put my voice on tape. The Jimmy C became a way to show people my music.

Though I am every member of the band (engineer, producer & designer too - the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none' springs to mind), I wanted The Jimmy C to look and feel like a real band. Maybe I don't like the idea of a solo artist, maybe it's a lack of self confidence (I've noticed that most musicians second-guess their work & never really seem convinced their music is actually... good), maybe the idea of a "Band" was just more comfortable for me given my background.

In 2005 I had a collection of songs that resembled an album. Encouraged by friends I put it together and "Project E.G.O" was released as a short run of 50 or so distributed free to friends and anyone who was interested. "Project E.G.O" was well received and encouraged me to write and record "The Jimmy C" a self titled follow up in 2006. At this time I was recording on 4-Track cassette using borrowed gear but the sound I was achieving met my standards of "What's good enough for people to listen to". Musically I concentrated on surf-garage & 60's pop - a sound which suited my low-fi methods.

In November 2007 I started work on 35 new songs ranging in style from country-folk to rock, pop & spy movie soundtracks. My influences are fairly eclectic - Ween, The Turtles, John Barry, The Pretty Things, Joe Raposo (70's Sesame Street), Calexico, Roger Miller, John D. Loudermilk, Lee Hazlewood, The Left Banke & lots of 60's garage - so the result was a wide range of genres all slammed into roughly 1 minute 30 second songs.

Almost 2 years later my favorite 20 songs were assembled into order and became my 3rd album (and first to have a proper pressing of 500), Glamour & Fame.

Glamour & Fame is an album for people with a short attention span. Songs average 1:30 (some even shorter) and cover a wide range of styles. So if you don't love a particular song, the next one's started before you can reach for the skip button. It's because of my tastes in music that Glamour & Fame has turned out this way - I don't always have time or patience for epic songs or entire albums of the same genre and I don't expect others to either.

I'm pleasantly surprised when people like my music. I hope you do too.

Jamie Coghill,
The Jimmy C.

Follow The Jimmy C online:

july 2010:
Los Chicos "10 YEARS" CD (OTH 7095)

10 Years CoverLos Chicos got together around 10 years ago. They started building a country-punk-rock-soul-gospel machine that has blown out venues all over the world. They've recorded four albums and appeared on a couple of compilations, like international tributes to Chuck Berry & the Fleshtones. 

Their first single came out in 2002, followed the next year by the LP Shakin & Prayin. Then they recorded Fat Spark in 2005 for H-Records. In 2007 they released Launching Rockets with Dirty Water Records and RockIsPain records. Followed by the single We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit in 2009 and the LP of the same name in 2010, both of them on Dirty Water. 

In between those recordings they've tried to spread the word of rock'n'roll: jumping like monkeys on stage, with a killer twin brother twin-guitar attack, an earthquake of a rhythm section and a mad frontman who seems to fly through the top of the speakers like Tarzan. This great party defenders could be like a mix between Black Flag and the Shananas or like Otis Redding with a Texas Punk Garage band with their gear about to explode! 

They have shared stage with The Sonics, Roy Loney, Johnny Casino, Paul Collins, Southern Culture On The Skids, Eddie & the Hot Rods, King Khan, Barrence Whitfield, Hi-Risers, and a lot of great bands from any part of the world and all of them are since then great fans and friends of the band. If so many people with that kind of musical background have set their eyes on them, there must be a reason.

Get ready to set your shoes on fire 'cause you just can’t stop dancing if Los Chicos are in your town!!!

LOS CHICOS Touring Australia August 2010:

Friday 6th - The National Hotel - Geelong - VIC
Saturday 7th - The Old Bar - Fitzroy - VIC
Sunday 8th - The Retreat - Brunswick tbc - VIC
Wednesday 11th - The Phoenix Bar - Canberra - ACT
Thursday 12th - The Old Manly Boatshed - Manly - NSW
Friday 13th - Newcastle/Maitland/Sydney - tbc - NSW
Saturday 14th - Sydney Harbour Boat Cruise - Sydney - NSW 
Sunday 15th - The Excelsior Hotel - Surry Hills - NSW
Thursday 19th - The Esplanade Hotel - St Kilda - VIC
Friday 20th - Live Instore Off The Hip Records - Melbourne - VIC
Saturday 21st - Yah Yahs - Fitzroy - VIC
Sunday 22nd - The Former Tote - Collingwood - VIC

march 2010:
The Frowning Clouds "Listen Closelier" CD (OTH 7089) 

Listen Closelier Cover5 teenagers from Geelong, Australia playing the most authentic sounding garage, beat and R'n'B you'd swear this album was recorded circa 1965. If you have ever listened to the comps; Back From The Grave, Pebbles, Ugly Things or Nuggets then you'll be instantly blown away by this debut album. The Frowning Clouds don't pummel you with fuzz. No, their's is a sadder, more forlorn look at impossible love, teenage angst and rabid yearning. Produced and recorded by Mikey Young of ECSR and Mickster of Off The Hip. This album is an instant classic.

Release date 8th March 2010.
Vinyl version out in one month on Spanish label Monterey.

Thee Wylde Oscars "Right, Yeah!" CD (OTH 7093)

Right, Yeah CoverGarage punk / Power R&B combo, THEE WYLDE OSCARS are set to release their debut 12 song CD, "Right, Yeah" on March 8, 2010 through Off the Hip Records.

With influences ranging from obscure 60’s beat bands, Soul, Chicano R&B, and 70’s punk, Thee Wylde Oscars mix these elements into a potent cocktail that’s drop you to the dance floor - it is essential, shredding rock n’ roll - danceable and wholly modern.

Starting off with Keito Wylde’s clarion call to rock - this 12 Song CD, "Right, Yeah" features 9 original written by Thee Wylde Oscars.

Thee Wylde Oscars CD rips into a haze of music styles: 60’s garage punk inflected "Why Do We Have to Meet in the Dark", anthemic power pop in "All for Naught", soul-tinged cover version of Johnny Guitar Watson’s "Big Bad Wolf", and straight ahead punk with the edgy "Live Wired".

Included is an beat-ified version of Velvet Underground’s "White Light, White Heat" and The Pack’s German punk classic "Nobody Can Tell Us" as seen though a Small Faces prism. All of this with a signature sound that can be hard to pigeon-hole with a broad brush.

Founding member Jay "Wylde" Wiseman is was a member of seminal garage R&B acts such as The Trebels and The Hoods throughout the 80’s and 90’s, playing the thriving scenes in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco and Seattle.

Starting with the basic ground rules of "Simple - not simple-minded" he forged an alliance with likeminded stylists with similar tastes. They called themselves Thee Wylde Oscars to pay homage to their favourite historical figure (albiet altering it somewhat); a brilliant tragic figure.

T.W.O.’s love the disposable, throwaway music of other decades, yet decided from an early stage not to get bogged down in the details of these styles and to achieve a "group sound" - using the best parts of these sounds and recombining them into something immediate.

Now with less than a year and a half together they have written more than 50+ songs and have performed 40 or more shows, growing stronger with each appearance - commanding a formidable live show. Their next step is an upcoming vinyl release and European tour in July 2010.

Look for their upcoming CD release party sometime in April 2010.

"Right, Yeah" 12 song CD available from March 8, 2010 on Off the Hip Records.

october 2009:
Wrong Turn "2" CD (OTH 7091)


2 what?

2 band members? 2 albums? 2 shots of whisky please? Well, yes.

Wrong Turn’s new release,2, is full to the brim with super charged roots Rock and Roll and Juke Joint stompin’ action.

From Bo Diddley inspired maraca shakers through 50’s rockers to a couple of hat tips to the Stones-if you’re a fan of honest hard hitting Rock and Roll this is the stuff for you.

Ian Wettenhall and Myles Gallagher have been honing their sounds for decades.

Together they put out a hell of a lot of noise!

Using vintage drums, amps, guitars the album was recorded in their own hideout studio in the hills above Melbourne Australia to valve driven reel to reel tape.

Wrong Turn’s 2 joyously marries the essence of Garage Rock’n’roll - Dirty Slide Guitar -Harmonica to a huge pounding back beat…not to be missed!

The Dunhill Blues "S/T" CD

The Dunhill Blues CoverThe Dunhill Blues are the noisiest bunch of malcontents this side of the petticoat.

They play rock n roll, and they play anywhere, anytime.

The Dunhill Blues don’t sound like other bands. You reckon you can hear someone else in there then you’re kidding yourself.

The Dunhill Blues ain’t got cool haircuts and they leave wearing girl’s jeans to the ladies.

The Dunhill Blues love their mums.

The Dunhill Blues are indestructible. Their rehearsal space burnt to the ground, and the van’s been stolen (more than once).

They have also survived the sudden death of founding member and beloved friend, Kristen McCall (4/4/77-29/4/09).

The Dunhill Blues are Dan Batchelor (Gtr/Vox), Greg Bergin (Gtr/Vox), Adam Brzowski (Bass/Vox), Frank Bliss (Banjo/Sax/Vox), Michael Budden (Gtr/Trumpet/Vox), Daris Atrins (Organ/Gtr) and Kristen (he’ll always be there).

The Dunhill Blues are just regular guys trying to get by.

The Dunhill Blues released the super rare “12” mini-album” in May 2008 (100 copies only). Everybody that heard it seemed to think it was a bit of the alright.             I-94 called it “the Hope Diamond in a window of Pandora’ Bracelets

The Dunhill Blues are set to release their debut album through Off The Hip Records. The album was recorded at Brain Studios in Surry Hills NSW, over 2 days in February (The same 2 days that Victoria almost burnt to the ground!).  The album is full of songs about unsavory acquaintances, lonely shift workers, hangovers and evil twins.

The release is a bittersweet milestone for the band.

On April 29th this year, shortly after the album had been recorded, Guitarist/Co-Vocalist, Kristen McCall, died suddenly at the age of 32. Kristen’s vocals can be heard on 4 of the albums tracks MONICA, FRANKENSTEIN, BELLDESK BLUES and WENDY. His guitar playing is all over it.

He is missed dearly.

Like a giant Rock n Roll Pheonix, The Dunhill Blues have risen from the ashes, and will hit the road in support of the new album.


DomNicks "Hey Rock N Roller" CD - MiniAlbum (OTH 7090)

Hey Rock N Roller CoverThe DomNicks combine the Perth Garage Rock/Power Pop legend Dom Mariani (The Stems, DM3, Someloves), with the British punk attack of Nick Shepherd (The Clash, The Cortinas)

Formed in 2007 the band was a meeting of musical minds for Dom and Nick who teamed up with Howard Shawcross vintage bass man (The Elks, The Jackals, Dave Warner) and Marz Frisina drummer around town (DM3, The Calhoons, New Egyptian Kings)

This hang loose combo plays a mix of Dom and Nick originals with a nice spread of 60's and 70's garage soul classics. One part Memphis stew, one part Stones and Faces inspired and one part Aussie garage guitar rock this band of seasoned players punches well above its collective musical weight.

Now in 2009 they are ready to release the Mini album Hey Rock ‘N’ Roller the band’s first assault on CD through Off The Hip Records. Consisting of 5 Nick and 2 Dom penned tracks Hey Rock ‘N Roller was recorded in three studios (Kingdom, Loop and Forrest) over the space of ten months and was mixed by the formidable duo of Rob “Radio Birdman” Younger and Wayne Connolly (producer of You Am I and The Vines). 

There are rockers that swagger with a Stick Fingers atmosphere and there is a down home soul groove in “Hey Fellas” that channels Bobby Womack. The band’s lean and mean four piece sound is enhanced by brass and keyboards on some tracks to full effect. 

Since 2007 The DomNicks have performed at Perth’s top venues including Mojos, Clancys, The Flying Scotsman, The Mustang Bar, Fremantle Arts Centre, Devilles Pad and regularly at Settler’s Tavern in Margaret River. Hop on board and enjoy the ride on the Domnicks groove train as the band launch Hey Rock ‘N’ Roller at Clancys Fremantle on Friday 20 November and at Devilles Pad on Saturday 21 November.



Mass Cult Suicide "S/T" CD (OTH 7088) 

Mass Cult Suicide CoverAfter recording a home demo of 70’s inspired punk/rock n’ roll songs in late 2007, Dan Trolley departed the Whiskey Go Go’s after 18 months playing bass, to bring to life these demoed songs to the stage. Mass Cult Suicide was then born.

The Mass Cult Suicide sound is heavily influenced by the likes of The Damned, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, David Bowie and  Lou Reed to name a few. Like minded friends were recruited in the bands line up, the first rehearsal was held in April 2008. The line up, Dan Trolley vocals/organ, Mickey Heartbreak (The Dead South) guitar, Billy McCabe (Sailors and Swine) guitar, Nils Arnold (Sailors and Swine) bass and John Beard (ex Teeth and Tongue) Drums.

Mass Cult Suicide then played a handful of shows that year, in between other band commitments and busy schedules. These shows left a lasting impression on the audience with the bands raw, unpredictable, high energy live show.

In December 2008, the band decided to enter the studio to record their debut album. Trolley completed the writing of the album and took on the production duties.  The general vibe of the album would be upbeat, loose and honest but with a very dark shadow hanging over it.

The Mass Cult Suicide album was recorded in 3 locations around Melbourne over a 6 month period. Most of the recording was at A Secret Location with Paul Maybury (ex Rocket Science) who also had a hand in the production duties. The rest was recorded at Trolleys then house in Brunswick and the Magosophy Studio in South Melbourne by a magician friend of the band.

The final result captured the Mass Cult Suicide sound perfectly on record. Mickey Heartbreaks distinctive sneering, feedback guitar work in the opening track ‘The introduction’ sets the mood for the whole album. From the urgent gnarled ‘Back in Time’ to the 1960’s garage pop ‘Last night I got drunk’ the overdriven Farfisa organ is dominant throughout the record. Dark acoustic tracks ‘This is Love?’ and ‘Everybody’s in debt’ give the album another  flavour, while the organ instrumental ‘Diabolical Spirit’ is the perfect end to an album of 9 songs that tell the story of love, loss, happiness, rejection and triumph.

Mass Cult Suicide self titled debut album is proudly released through Off The Hip records.

september 2009:
The Shimmys "Brunettes On The Rocks" CD (OTH 7087)

Brunettes On The Rocks CoverSecond album of garage trash from Australia's premier all girl combo. Suzi, Babs and Kitty return with a more ferocious garage stomp this time 'round. So beware, don't let their saucy looks fool you into thinking they're all sweet 'cause this album proves The Shimmys will dig their fingernails in DEEP once they get their hooks on you!! Includes killer new originals like "Doctor Doctor", "Two Pot Screamer", "He's My Werewolf" plus a few raunchy covers; "Don't Slander Me", "Whatcha Gonna Do". For fans of Gore Gore Girls, Headcoatees, 5678's, and "Girls in the Garage" styled trash.

august 2009:
Johnny Casino And The Secrets "Live On 3PBS" CD (OTH 7086)
Live On 3PBS CoverJohnny Casino And The Secrets delivered an inspired live set on "Sunglasses After Dark" last December for Melbourne's renowned radio 3PBS's during their Live To Air week. Captured live, in one take are 10 cracking tunes:



july 2009:
Little Murders "STOP plus SINGLES 1978-1986" CD (OTH 7080)
STOP plus SINGLES 1978-1986 CoverThis CD collects all 27 studio recordings from this seminal Australian punkish powerpop outfit. Alongside THE RIPTIDES, SCIENTISTS and YOUNG MODERN, LITTLE MURDERS set the blueprint for late '70s Australian powerpop. 24 page full colour booklet. Fully remastered.

13. 100 DRUGS
27. THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT (original version)

june 2009:
The Reckless Hearts "Get Up And Run" CD (OTH 7077)
Get Up And Run CoverThe Reckless Hearts are a four piece Powerpop group hailing from the
city of Milwaukee, USA. The band is new but largely built from components of the Danger and the Jet Set. Both are groups which managed to log touring time, full length records, and upporting slots for major touring acts such as the Black Angels, the Kills, the Soviettes, and the Makers among others.

With all of the time they have spent in the rough and tumble world of
independent rock and roll, you’d expect the Reckless Hearts material
to be moving towards the jaded or self absorbed territory, but in this
rare case it is just the opposite. The material from the upcoming full
length record is intentionally designed for fun. Instead of building
an identity on the tired clichés of the “weary and cynical musician”,
the Reckless Hearts aspire to embody those feelings which all real
rock bands celebrate, like mischief, youthful love, and the time
honored tradition of chasing a thrill.

The boys in the Reckless Hearts would like you to believe that they
combine the uptight sound of early British Mod music like the Who, the
hook driven power of the Buzzcocks, and the psychedelic vocal sound of
the Byrds without becoming a cartoonish homage, but that is of course
up for debate. What is for certain is that regardless of the musical
touch points, the aim and central focus of the group is sincere and
unrepentant fun. So while there may be fewer egotistical fireworks
than some groups, the Reckless Hearts keep their priorities straight
by making the song itself the star of the show.

may 2009:
Russian Roulettes "R'N'R" CD (OTH 7082) 

R'N'R CoverFormed in mid 2007 the Russian Roulettes have certainly taken their time unleashing their debut monster R n R and with good reason. The band comprises of Sam Agostino on vocals/guitar who has been seen globetrotting on five European, one Korean and one American tour with local dropouts Digger and The Pussycats as well as a European tour with the now defunct Kamikaze Trio. Sam’s cranked out albums and 45s on labels all over the planet including Spooky Records, P Trash, Slovenly and Beast Records.  If you thought that was a full schedule check out Agostino Soldati. Not only does he bash his vintage drumkit with Roulettes he has also been doing the same for the Go Set around Australia and on their recent European tour promoting their most recent offering on France’s Cortex records. In his spare time he knocks out 45s with Deep Street Soul on the uber-hip Jaycees and Freestyle record labels and once upon a time killed it on drums with Legends of Motorsport playing on their debut long player out through Reverberation. Tim Wold on bass and vocals fronts Kids of Zoo in his spare time; that is after he finished his stint playing smokin’ lead guitar licks with The Specimens. You can check that out from their releases on In-Fidelity, Low Transit, Human Bretzel and Forte Records or ask any spell bound punter who witnessed them on their European tour a few years back.

So what about the Russian Roulettes? The Roulettes display the same energy and integrity you’d expect from any of the band members more established projects and on their debut they sound as fresh and excited as a bunch of 15 year olds from the outer suburbs who just got there first set of instruments. From the opening track Drinking Much Too Long you get the feeling that the Russian Roulettes are delivering something special. From straight up rockers September Girl and Gonna Make It through to 50s esque kitch on All the Things and the 11 minute epic Girl You Know How to Dance the band can’t put a foot wrong, playing everything from Funkadelic styled party tunes, Stooges styled punk and Sun Ra tinged free jazz wig outs.  Tracked by live music guru John Watson and mixed by Melbourne’s grunge Phil Spector Robbie Adams “R n R” bursts with old school low fidelity goodness that is probably back in vogue again.

Proudly presented by Melbourne’s finest independent label Off The Hip checkout Russian Roulettes at and on “R n R”.

The Cheats "Hats Off To The Cheats" CD (OTH 7074)

Hats Off To The Cheats CoverFollowing on from the release of their single ‘Burn It Up’, Melbourne’s party rock n’ roll duo The Cheats unleash their debut album ‘Hats Off To The Cheats’ through Australia’s premier garage rock label, Off The Hip Records.

Armed with two vintage guitar amps and a beat-up drum-kit, The Cheats have recorded 13 tracks of live-wire party rock n’ roll that is sure to make waves and bring good times wherever it is heard.

Recorded at Sing Sing South, and produced by Robbie Adams (Kamikaze Trio ‘Rain On Your Parade’ and The Specimens ‘Jazz Brutus’), ‘Hats Off To The Cheats’ maintains the raw energy and imagination of The Cheats live show, while adding a few extra sounds into the mix.

The two misfits; Julian Tovey (guitar, vocals) and Tom “Coops” Cooper (drums, vocals) met in 2004 when they joined The Flaming Lips onstage at The Big Day Out dressed in furry animal costumes. Not long after they went on tour through the US and UK with Riff Random - Coops as guitar tech and Jules on bass. It was over a beer at The Espy once they had returned, when they decided to start a band. The Cheats was formed and songs began to flow, creating a high energy sound based on equal parts rock n’ roll, blues and punk.

Having shared stages with an impressive list of acts including Eagles Of Death Metal, Louis XIV, The Zoobombs, Bob Log III, British India, Spazzys, The Exploders, The Meanies, The Grates, The Drones, and Brant Bjork & The Bros, The Cheats have cemented their electric live show and developed a growing fan base all over town.

The Cheats also served as the rhythm section for Shooting At Unarmed Men, teaming up with Jon Chapple (ex-Mclusky), to write and record the album ‘Triptych’.

Things will not be slowing down for The Cheats, after winning triple j’s Unearthed competition, having songs featured in both seasons of Channel 9’s crime-drama Underbelly, and now the release of their debut album, The Cheats are gonna bring the good times with ‘em and make one hell of a racket along the way!

“Hats Off To The Cheats is a fantastic get-the-party-started album.“
Jeff Jenkins, InPress Magazine

“I love this band. It's boogie and it cooks. Rating:  5/5.“
Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal), Triple J Unearthed Website

“This is a lesson in riotous fuzzy rock: it’s not cheating – it’s a winning formula!”
Clem Bastow, InPress Magazine


april 2009:
The Gimmies "Roll Up" CD (OTH 7081)

Roll Up CoverTokyo Garage Rock Yakuza THE GIMMIES are returning to Australia to promote their second hi-octane album “Roll Up” with a five state, nine date, national tour this coming May.

THE GIMMIES are rock action personified with screaming guitars that tap into the Detroit tradition of the Stooges & MC5 and matched by a cockiness that would put The Pretty Things to shame. Combined with their love of Australian garage rock and their English-as-a-second-language-lyrics, they twist rock music into shrapnel only matched by their Japanese brethren Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate and the King Brothers.

THE GIMMIES’ latest album “Roll Up” to be released on Melbourne’s own internationally acclaimed Off The Hip Records in April not only showcases a tougher than a burnt steak energy (Flame Of Wings”, “Turning Into Your Mind”, “Quaky City”, “) but also displays a classic rock maturity (“Comin’ Through The Night”). Their salute to Oz Rock comes with their passionate cover of the Lime Spiders “Beyond The Fringe”.

Having played rock and roll hosts in Japan to the likes of the Stems, the Spazzys and the Celibate Rifles it’s Australian audiences turn to get front of stage with a beer in hand to witness the live onslaught of THE GIMMIES and make them feel welcome in Australia’s sweaty live dens.

THE GIMMIES live are an adrenalin addiction – take the chance to plug into their power.

Wed 13 May Ballarat - Karova Lounge
Thu 14 May Adelaide - Jive
Fri 15 May Geelong - The National
Sat 16 May St Kilda - Espy Front Bar
Sun 17 May Collingwood - The Tote
Tue 19 May Hobart – Brisbane Hotel
Thu 21 May Wollongong – The Harp
Fri 22 May Sydney - Spectrum
Sat 23 May Brisbane - Step Inn


march 2009:
The Pink Fits"De Ja Blues" CD (OTH 7079) 

De Ja Blues CoverJust when you started to doubt your place in the regurgitating rock world, The Pink Fits are back to reassure you that this ain’t Kansas anymore. In fact, it isn’t anywhere unless you are somewhere with their new full-length album ‘Déjà Blues’

Recorded between Christmas and New Years Eve 2008, The Pink Fits have created a diverse blend of rock’n’roll focussing on the key themes of dented despair, joy in a can, the heartache, and chrome tinted reflections of the social machine. 

The thirteen tracks were recorded in a borrowed home theatre under the watchful ears of Static Attack Sound and re-affirm The Pink Fits as being one of the best rock’n’roll bands to plug in, hit and harmonise in this wide brown land. 

THE PINK FITS ripped shit. Four guys, four instruments, no fucking about, balls out, sweaty rock'n'roll... I wish they lived in Melbourne. It's kinda hard to fathom that The Pink Fits were spawned over the border- they belong here, I'd watch them every weekend. The world is full of injustice.’
Sam McDougall, Inpress

It's like watching a train almost about to crash – you're waiting for it to go off the rails and plummet down the bank, but it never does. In fact, the entire band seems to revel in the frenzy it whips up...’
Patrick Emery, Beat 

 ‘You don’t need a Commission of Inquiry to know there’s something very special going on here. Bring on the next album...’
The Barman (i-94

Dolly Rocker Movement "Our Days Mind The Tyme" CD (OTH 7073)

Our Days Mind The Tyme Cover**(not for wholesale export to europe)

'The Dolly Rocker Movement are a psychedelic rock band, smattered with pop sensibility like ink blots dropped onto a celluloid backdrop. Lead singer, guitarist and psych-pop auteur Daniel Poulter oozes the type of stage charisma you'd associate with the iconic rock stars who now dominate 60's pop memorabilia. The songs are underpinned by riffs so sweet and succulent they'd bring a tear to Anthony Bourdain's eye.' - Patrick Emery - Beat Mag

Many questions to answer. Many answers to question. Our world is filled with electric sunshine and a blistering blend of flowering psychedelia, chemical country & a dusty garage vibe.

One way to get high is to come along for the ride...

The Dolly Rocker Movement formed late 2002 in the inner surrounds of Sydney, Australia. With ideas derived from the more primitive side of rock 'n' roll & a sound that bears a true influence of late 60's garage/psychedelia, freakbeat & west coast folk.

2006 saw the release of The Dolly’s debut album, 'Electric Sunshine'. After only 5 months and a string of warm reviews, The Dolly’s released their second album 'A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine'.

Whereas those first two albums were recorded on 4 and 8 track reel-to-reel machines in Daniels home recording environment, this new album has all the lushness and sonic space that only a more professional studio offers.

"OUR DAYS MIND THE TIME" is easily their best album to date.
**European version out Oct '09 on BAD AFRO records outta Denmark.

february 2009:
The Long Strides "S/T" CD (OTH 7076) 
S/T CoverThe Long Strides began as a studio concern in mid 2007, when drummer Sonik and singer, guitarist Echo began working on material in the Fremantle studio run by Echo (production and engineering credits include The Stems, Richard Lane, The Painkillers, Blackmilk, Columbia, Next Time Hearts and The City Watch).

After quickly compiling more than twenty songs in a loose psychedelic style, it wasn’t until a complete band line-up was formed, that a definitive style was born. With the addition of extra guitarist, vocalist and mate Rosco Wood (Columbia) and a quick succession of bassists finally settling on Lea Hamely that a scuffed, fuzzed up psych-rock direction was affirmed. Influences include the usual suspects for 60’s infatuated individuals: The Beatles, The Stones, The Velvets, The Who, coupled with more select tastes: The 13th Floor Elevators, The Creation, T-Rex, Spacemen 3 and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Early gigs confirmed this direction. Gigging infrequently initially, although to great response, it was only until the end of 2008 that a solid line up was born. Most of the early studio work was jettisoned off into the stratosphere. Clearly by this stage, there was no longer a need for loose country and folk psych rants. Gone were the drum machines, moog synths and cut and paste vinyl loops that formed a major part of the band’s inception.

The self titled debut album was finished by mid 2007, and Melbourne garage psych label Off The Hip Records expressed interest in releasing the piece. Spread over 11 songs, ‘The Long Strides’ is the sound of confident musicians finding their space and place in the development of the band’s identity. 

Marvel at the Keith Moon like mania as it juxtaposes against the rock steady drumming of Sonik. Air-Townshend along with the guitars of Echo and Rosco. Try to remove the simple Lou Reed style melodies that grapple hook into the melon. In the end, the debut album is quite expansive in it’s sonic field. Mellotrons, organs, synths, acoustic guitars (gasp!) and electric sitar, mesh with an at-times percussive heavy brew of primal rock and psych. Revel in the street riot punk attitude of opener ‘Black, Black Smoke’, the weird eastern tinged ‘Devil in Jesus’ Sandals’, the Zep stomp of ‘Perfect Prescription’ and the quite unique fuzz trip of ‘Cyclone on the Loose’. The songs in-between are just as focused and rewarding.

The only rule initially sent by both Sonik and Echo, was that the record was to sound old and 60’s authentic. Whether this was achieved, is hard to define. What can’t be ignored is that the record has energy in abundance. The level of musical comrade-ship that flows between Echo and Sonik is evident in their contributions here and on the soon to be released debut solo album of Richard Lane (The Stems), which Echo produced.

So prolific are the working methods of Echo and Sonik, the Strides’ second album is nearing completion just as the debut is released unto the public. The up-coming album continues the rich seam of classic pop, rock and psych influences that run through the debut, naturally with sharper focus that comes with evolution and maturing.

The Long Strides are embarking on a long journey, both internally and externally. A quick tour of the Eastern States, planned for around Easter time with label mates THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT, will be the first of many eastward forays.

The Booby Traps "Makin' It With" CD (OTH 7078)

Makin' It With CoverThe Booby Traps long awaited second release "Makin' It with The Booby Traps" is without fail their finest recording to date, out Feb 4th from Off The Hip records!

The follow up to their successful and critically acclaimed self titled CD (currently in its second pressing), showcases the many influences and talents of the band. Although certainly entrenched in the 60's garage punk vein, their 2009 release finds us with an eclectic mix of self penned tunes in soul, west-coast pop and straight out rock'n'roll!

From the first track of 'Makin' It' the BT's are channelling The Who circa '65, 'Diddley Wrong' a skull bustin' Bo beat shaker, 'Long Way To Go' a tough soul dance stomper, 'Searchin'' a harmony soaked Mamas & Papas inspired tune & 'Bad Reaction' a snarling fuzz killer in typical '66 North West style...this is just a snap shot of the how this buzzin' beer coaster is going to hit your sub-woofers!

The Booby Traps are:

  • Carrie Phillis (lead vocals, percussion)
  • Brett Barton (lead guitar, back up vocals)
  • Brigitte Salden (rhythm guitar, vocals)
  • Kendall James (bass, back up vocals)
  • Alex Luksich (drums, back up vocals)

Each member has a long pedigree in previous bands such as:

  • Carrie - The Hazlewoods / The Maryannes
  • Brett - The Thurston Howlers / The Hekawis Brigitte - Grasshopper / The Honeyhunters
  • Kendall - The Thurston Howlers / The Crusaders
  • Alex - Slow Motion Mind / Intercontinental Playboys

Since 2003 The Booby Traps have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with The Hoodoo Gurus, The Stems, The Johnnys, The Detroit Cobras, Billy Childish & The Buff Medways, The Persian Rugs, 5,6,7,8s, The Strange Tenants, The Runout Grooves, The Breadmakers, The Groovie Ghoulies, Mach Pelican, Asteroid B6-12, Six Ft Hick, The Spazzys and many, many others...

"Sneering Shangri-las inspired girl-group, meets the fuzz monsters from the garage. Primevil & raw, with a lead singer thats equal parts Gerry Roslie (of Sonics fame) & wild cat hillbilly. Go see em, theyre great to watch. Youll dance & shake, youll be revived". (TIMEWARP NEWSLETTER)

"If youre looking for some chick fuzz pop to go go with catchy songs you can play loud at your next party without the guests leaving immediately, go ahead and check the Booby Traps out!!"(LOW CUT..34) "The Booby Traps would have to be the hardest working garage band currently playing the Sydney circuit. Theyre great at what they do and that whole accelerator-down, chicks-with-flick knives feel that their music has, is pretty special. A Booby Traps show is always an enjoyable one. Plenty of sixties garage comin at you. Screaming, nasty vocals, warm fuzzy guitar that takes me to a time when Boss Hoss and Skinny Minny let the good times roll. Sweet melodies and drumbeats that come from the heart of all things garage. The Booby Traps were rockin and rollin and the only thing the crowd were left with were extremely sore feet. Mod escapees from a Russ Meyer flick! (Faster Louder 2004-2005)"



december 2008:
Bloodgroop "Revolution Blues" CD/EP (OTH 7071)

Revolution Blues CoverMick Blood  is best known as the iconic frontman/ singer/songwriter for the LIME SPIDERS   After dominating the Australian independent charts in the mid eighties (no.1 independent song of the year for three years in succession including the monstrous “Slave Girl”) Mick further developed his awesome reputation over the course of three studio albums with Virgin Records. According to Juice magazine in Nov ’04, “Mick Blood has a knack verging on genius for penning three minute garage gems”

Mick’s songs have appeared on several film soundtracks (including “Young Einstein” and “Hiding Out”) and been covered by artists from You Am I  to D4 and The Goo Goo Dolls . Suffice to say Mick Blood has had a vital impact on the history of antipodean rock and roll and he is now proud to introduce his new band Bloodgroop.

This potent possie intitially came together for a spontaneous project whereby the songs were written, recorded and mixed in three consecutive days. The hauntingly intense Revolution Blues and the sinister swagger of Never Comin’ Back were spawned from this session, inspiring Bloodgroop to repeat the process months later where the magic was captured again with the other three songs presented on this stunning debut release, showcasing a wide range of musical styles.

Mick Blood has finally decided that two guitars just isn’t enough and the explosion of sound on this recording is courtesy of Julian Poulsen (Moler, Stiff Kittens, Green Mist), Andrew Kentler (Glide, Gamma Rays) and Ollie Laurie (Exotics, Hoss). Completing this superb line up is the awesome rythmn section of Pete Leeming on bass & the hired gun of Michael “Kaos” Glenn on drums.


The Kits "Primitive Tales" CD (OTH 7072)

Primitive Tales CoverAfter an internse twenty four months of winning the hearts of gig goers in the UK, Melbourne's The Kits return to Australia for a brief promo tour to coincide with the Australian release of their album "Primitive Tales". Drawing comparisons with THE SAINTS, GANG OF FOUR and THE SONICS, THE KITS' tales of crime, addiction and short-lived romances have resulted in a rapturous UK following and earned them recent supports with THE DIRTBOMBS, WOLFMOTHER, THE SAINTS and THE NIGHTMARCHERS. These slots plus regular shows at the Boston Arms in Tufnell Park, where the notoriously hard audiences have adopted the band as their own led to a deal with industry respected Dirty Water Records.

A garage rock'n'roll band at heart, THE KITS have taken the stomp and grit of the '50s and '60s and given it the injection of eternal youth through relentless guitar hooks and snarling vocals.

Primitive Tales was recorded in sessions at various London studios selected for their out board equipment or room acoustics. The albums opening track "Primitive Tales" and Australian A Side single "Get Closer" were recorded at Gizzard Studios (with Ed Deegan- The Cribs, Cornershop). UK Single "Don't Want To Lose This Fight" and "She's The Number One" were taped at Liam Watson's famous analogue workshop Toe Rag Studios (White Stripes, The Kills). Primitive Tales also revisits tracks from The Kits "This is your Lung" EP. Giving audiences the opportunity to discover tracks they may have missed first time around.

Originally formed by brothers Jay and Kit Atkinson the band has seen various line up changes to fully develop their sound. Their move to London in late 2006 was designed to mould the sound of the band in the crucible of the UK's unforgiving club and festival circuit. This called for the commitment of new members of the band and Primitive Tales delivers blow after blow of driving material which showcases for the first time now permanent members Marc Bonet from Spain and Michael Cleverly from New Zealand.

november 2008:
Dolly Rocker Movement "A Song For Two" CD/EP (OTH 7070)

A Song For Two CoverMore Sydney psych greatness from Dan Poulter's doped-out paisley brigade. 2 songs from the coming DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT album (due Feb'09), plus 2 exclusive tracks. It's gonna be a trippy summer to be sure.



Johnny Casion and The Secrets "I Am Who I Am Not Who You Want Me To Be" CD (OTH 7069)

I Am Not Who You Want Me To Be CoverJust out is the great new album from JOHNNY CASINO AND THE SECRETS titled "I AM WHO I AM, NOT WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE" and i'll testify here and now that it's as good OR BETTER than last years cracking album "NEW CLOTHES, OLD SHOES" - which appeared on many end of year lists and this new one will do the very same for all the right reasons; great songs, great performances and worldclass recording and production!! Get yours now!!

Asteroid B-612 "Not Meant For This World" 2xCD (OTH 7067)

Not Meant For This World CoverThis double CD reissue charts their Au-Go-Go years. Taking in the whole "Not Meant For This World" album (outta print for yonks), the "Teen Sublimation Riffs" ep (unavailable for even longer) plus 2 bonus tracks plus another 8 studio demos for the album - both Johnny Spittles and Stew Cunningham testify the demos are BETTER than the released versions!! Comes with great liner notes from man-about-town Richie Ramone. All tracks remastered for this release.

The Green Circles "Tavistock Street" CD (OTH 7062)

Tavistock Street CoverThird album of mod, powerpop, psych subtlety from these Adelaide upstarts.
The Green Circles have more hooks than a piranhas' mouth.Shindig (UK)

october 2008:
Midnight Woolf "Tropical Disease" CD (OTH 7068)

Tropical Disease CoverSwamp, blues, surf and garage all go into MIDNIGHT WOOLF's heady brew. "Tropical Disease" is their fourth, and best, album. Think Cramps, Gun Club, Johnny Cash, or Australia's own Exotics. Touring Europe from Oct 30th.


Molten Universe "No Love Around" CD/EP (OTH 7059)

No Love Around CoverNot to be confused with the KYUSS song or the Swedish label and management company of the same name, this MOLTEN UNIVERSE hails from Sydney, Australia and plays a heavy brand of garage rock, similar in vein to Australian legends THE LIME SPIDERS’ early 7” output. Not surprising really when three members of MOLTEN UNIVERSE cut their teeth in that seminal OZ band!  Perverted lyrics with a heavy sound; is it any wonder there’s “No Love Around”.

Screwtop Detonators "3,2,1 I'm Done" CD (OTH 7065)

3, 2, 1 I'm Done Cover“What makes you any different?” When these four skinny boys walked into my office on a cold May afternoon, one could be forgiven for thinking here’s another big fish band swimming with a hundred others in the gargantuan toxic and deadly pond that is the Melbourne music scene. Imagine my surprise when listening to their music (and having since had the pleasure of seeing them perform both in their home state of Perth and in some of Melbourne’s most venerable venues) and realising that if it’s possible to bring a freshness to stale commercial rock and roll being stamped out of the mill, these boys are doing it. Benny Barbarino and Leroy Slikk‘s complimentary guitars and vocal melodies is where it starts – rather than being an Iggy Pop cloned riff on rhythm guitar with standard lead lick at the end of every repetition, the guitars are truly working together in more of a Verlaine/Hell style partnering. The vocals also are more akin to the Everly Brothers (or Elvis Costello) after a hard night on mescal when all the bad stuff is coming out rather than again the stock Bon Scott/Malcolm Young vocals. And a true rhythm section knows how to lay it down – manning the cannons rather than a futile charge at the enemy – and Mitch and Charlie’s bass and drums respectively provide the kidney damaging rumble necessary for the whole thing to work. So tight and exciting live, but with a true ear for melody akin to Redd Kross, Ash, and distinctly Australian acts like the Eastern Dark. Singing about life and rock and Melbourne, it’s music for the everyperson but without being just about girls and cars. So show your scars and lend them an ear – it’s not safe, it’s not packaged, it’s not backed by a gazillion dollars. It’s a band hitting their peak with a rhythmic gut punch and a sweet melodic centre, and they make me think that maybe you have to come from miles away to be miles ahead.

september 2008:
Goodnight Loving "S/T" Third Album CD (OTH 7066)

Goodnight Loving CoverGoodnight Loving smooth the edges of wild basement punk into something more organic, twangy and irresistibly catchy - effortlessly weaving country, garage rock, folk and pop into a sound all their own. Hailing from rustic Northwoods Wisconsin hamlets, the members converged on Milwaukee in the early 2000s and established themselves as one of a growing number of bands thriving in the basement scene. Their demo caught the ear of Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivians, Mary Weiss), leading him to produce their debut album "Cemetery Trails," a slick, stunning record showcasing their knack for beautiful, passionate pop perfection. Just weeks after "Cemetery Trails" was recorded, and months before its release, the band headed up north the record another set of songs in the more relaxed confines of a remote cabin. The resulting sessions produced their second full-length "Crooked Lake" - a twist to their sound, featuring a decidedly more lo-fi approach paired with a darker edge to their lyrics, rendering a fitting mood to the times with themes of paranoia, melancholy, and desperation.

Despite gathering many prestigious accolades ("Cemetery Trails" was named album of the year by CMJ New Music Monthly's Editor-in-chief, while "Crooked Lake" drew even more recognition and acclaim), the band isn't content treading the same territory, opting instead to challenge both its listeners and themselves by continuing to grow in unpredictable ways. Goodnight Loving's self-titled third album adds 60's girl group vocal harmonies and British Invasion psychedelia, while also bridging the gap between the recording styles of the preceding LPs. The result is a band hitting its stride, maturing in their ability to manipulate the subtle nuances of their unique and timeless sound.

Sharing the stage with like-minded musical visionaries (Black Lips, Reigning Sound, The Gris Gris, Thomas Function, Strange Boys), touring regularly, and making festival appearances (SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Gonerfest and The Horizontal Action Blackout) has earned them a rabid following that continues to grow.

Mixing small town sincerity with big city sophistication is no easy feat, yet Milwaukee's Goodnight Loving pulls it off with humble confidence. It's the earnestness, craft and originality of this group that gives them their ability to never disappoint or even 'just' meet expectations. And with all members contributing songs to their already impressive canon, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Johnny Casino and The Secrets "Take Me Down To Your River" CD/EP (OTH 7063)

Take Me Down To Your River Cover2 new tracks from JOHNNY'S forthcoming album (due Oct '08 on OFF THE HIP), plus 3 exclusive tracks. His 2007 album "NEW CLOTHES, OLD SHOES" appeared on many end of year lists, and rightly so. This seasoned Australian rocker is at the top of his game, adding blasts of horns to his ever maturing songwriting and production, as well as his ever-present flailing guitar work.

august 2008:
The Breadmakers "Night Of The Cobra" CD (OTH 7061)

Night Of The Cobra CoverThe Breadmakers have been playin’ their sleazy brand of swingin’ Louisiana swamp pop and garage trash around hometown Melbourne, Europe, the States and Japan for close to twenty years.

The Night of the Cobra is their first release for 10 years, and features a selection of their favorite tunes from past releases, and six previously unrecorded tracks, all put down recently by the current lineup in the Cobra Bar, upstairs at Melbourne’s rockin’est venue, The Tote.

So get this picture......a few drinks, and a lotta bodies all fuelled with a love of fifties and sixties garage, party, hip shakin’ tunes, and you got yourselves a real cool time.

Los Hories "What's The Time?" CD (OTH 7060)

What's The Time? CoverLos Hories have been holed up in their garage (yes they really do practice in a garage) next to a matt black ford panel van, churning out party anthems all summer. While the rest of New Zealand was holidaying at the beach Los Hories chose the power of homebrew beer and bbq's to deliver you 11 slices of pure yell it at the wall, tear out your vocal chords rock'n'roll party magic.
It's Horie time! the new album recorded by New Zealand's Los Hories. Laid straight to tape by one man country band Boss Christ in an abandoned scottish marching hall. 11 tracks of pure BBQ Rock'n'Roll recorded under the influence of home brew beer, parties and burnouts!
The artwork for the record was by Luke Wood a.k.a the Damned Evangelist, New Zealand’s intense alpha surf rock band. The first 100 copies were hand screen printed by the folks at Garage Collective and at that what a New Zealand Garage Collective the whole process of this album has been.


july 2008:
The Finkers "Epilogue" 2xCD (OTH 7058)
Epilogue CoverComplete studio recordings from this mighty Australian powerpop quartet, featuring Michael Carpenter, Mick O'Regan, Matt Allison and Off The Hip boss Mickster. In 1999 they released their impressive debut album "Fresh Set-O-Prints", containing classic tracks like "This Time It's Love", "Adeline Now", "Tonight" and many more. During their 3 year existence they recorded 52 tracks of powerpop laced with garage nous over 2 albums, 2 cd/eps, countless compilation tracks and songs for tribute releases to The Stems, The Replacements, Gene Clark, The Flamin' Groovies, The Real Kids and Radio Birdman. Comes with 16 page full colour booklet including rare pics, and extensive linernotes from main songwriter and all round skin pounder Mickster. All tracks recorded by Michael Carpenter at his Stagefright stuido. All tracks produced by Mickster and Michael Carpenter. All tracks remastered for this release by Ernie-O.


may 2008:
The Creep Outs "Hopeless Friends"CD (OTH 7051)

Hopeless Friends coverThe Creep Outs began years and years ago in the small town of Bakewell, England. Nick Wheeldon and Andrew Anderson both grew up there, though they did not really speak whilst at school. They met in the local park through football, and found that they had a shared love of listening to records and playing music. Soon they had the idea to play music together, even though they were not very good with any instruments, and record whatever they managed to come up with. This they did, and though the results were amateurish by most standards they were still pleased. Over the years they did more music things, played football and spent time in and around nature in their hometown. In the summer of 2006 Nick decided that they should have another go at recording, this time as a band (he came up with the name ‘The Creepouts’) - writing half the songs each, and playing on each others songs. Realising that you did not need to be very good at guitar to write a good song, they tried to make a record that sounded like their favourite bands – REIGNING SOUND, PAVEMENT, THE KINKS - whilst still being their own thing; after all, that was what most bands that they liked had done. Following several different recording spells they had enough songs for an album. Luckily for them Off The Hip records heard what they had done, and thought it was good enough to be released - so now The Creep Outs have an album that you can buy.

The Ransome Brothers "Whiskey Set" CD (OTH 7057)

Whiskey Set coverSprawling from the gutters of urban Melbourne and brought together with lavish style, a thirst for life and a taste for cigarettes THE RANSOME BROTHERS appeared in the public eye late last year with two select live shows. 

Featuring members of ROCKET SCIENCE (Roman Tucker, Kit Warhurst), THE DEAD SOUTH (Mikey Heartbreak) and fronted by a wild raven-haired British songstress, THE RANSOME BROTHERS boast soulful melodic wails of heartbreak and long-lost love affairs, backed with a 60’s grinding organ, punching swampy guitar hooks and freakbeat-fused drums. 

With their debut album “Whiskey Set” (produced by Paul Maybury of ROCKET SCIENCE), this gang of untamed urchins have returned to their natural environment and are set to shake-up Melbourne with a string of live shows throughout the year, and then take on the world!


april 2008:
The Shindiggers “Maximum Beat” 2xCD (OTH 7056)

Maximum Beat coverAuthentic BEAT band often referred to as the Australian MILKSHAKES. 51 tracks from this frantic mid '80's Melbourne combo, includes complete studio recordings plus lotsa rarities with most tracks appearing on CD for the first time. Comes with 16 page full colour booklet and liner notes from mainstay singer Bill Leggett. All tracks remastered from original source tapes.



march 2008:
The Reactions “High Technology” CD (OTH 7055)

High TechnologyTHE REACTIONS are a nifty little garage rock'n'roll band from Hobart, Tasmania. Sometimes they get lucky and play gigs with bands such as The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Living End, The Greenhornes, Dallas Crane, The Hard Ons, The Drones, The Mess Hall, Even and Rocket Science. Usually they just gig for kicks with people around town. Besides, what's more fun than playing in a band with your mates on a Friday night?

Their new album - High Technology - brings to mind the exciting big studio rock/pop of HOODOO GURUS and YOU AM I. Smashing!

february 2008:
The Pink Fits "Super Mini Album" CD/EP (OTH 7054)

Super Mini AlbumFrom OFF THE HIP’s most exciting live band comes a new 6 tracker suitably titled “Super Mini Album”. THE PINK FITS deliver a take-no-prisoners garage-punk blast and at least 2 of these tracks (“Maybe Tomorrow” and “Saturday Night Millionaire”) will stick to your brain like bubblegum to a shoe.

december 2007:
The Philisteins "A Savage Affection 1986-1992" 2xCD (OTH 7053)
A Savage AffectionGreat 2xCD set from this long lost Australian garage combo led by Guy Lucas (Freeloaders). Compiles all their studio material for labels like Sympathy For the Record Industry, Dog Meat, Greasy Pop, with many great Philisteins orginals including savage takes on Pretty Things, Zeros, Stooges, Electric Prunes, Troggs, Roky Erickson, Scientists, plus wild 11 song rehearsal session rouding out disc two.
Most tracks appearing on CD for the first time.
20 page booklet with lotsa rare pics and flyers, and detailed first-hand liner notes from Guy's brother Adam Lucas.

Wrong Turn "Nothing Grows From Scars" CD (OTH 7050)

Nothing Grows From ScarsWhat can you say about a couple of guys who combined have been playing raw angst ridden rock and roll for more than 50 years…they must have taken a WRONG TURN.

Ian Wettenhall and Todd McNeair present a formidable sound.  Wrong Turn pump and grind out the primitive punk rock and roll they have remained true to for decades.

Drawing inspiration from obscure 1950s rock and roll, 60s garage, R&B and the best of 70s punk rock these guys have put together a potent cocktail to go!

Not your usual run of the mill blues based duo, Wrong Turn are infused with pure punk.

Ian cut his teeth in the 1980s in legendary 60s tinged psych band, The Philisteins.  He has also played in The Freeloaders, Seminal Rats, Hands of Time, Lords of Gravity and The Stoneage Hearts.

Todd’s unique drum style provided the backbone to Seminal Rats, Hoss and The Powder Monkeys.  Whether on record or playing live, he is a powerhouse who has helped create some of the most intense and memorable rock and roll this country has seen.

For those in the know Wrong Turn’s combined history should give you a good indication of the sounds these guys conjure up.  For those who aren’t, its time you found out!

2007 marks Wrong Turn’s recording debut.  Firstly with a track on the highly anticipated and current release, Off The Hip compilation, ANTIPODEAN SCREAMS VOLUME 2.

november 2007:
Various Artisis “Burn Your Fingers On The Sun” 2xCD (OTH 7052)

Burn Your Fingers On The SunThis is the unknown. The fact that you may not know all of the bands on this compilation is meaningless, for once you have been exposed to their sound: you will surrender.

Burn Your Fingers On The Sun is a two-disc set that captures the remarkable depth of talent and scope of song-writing that exists within a growing collective of home-grown bands. Made up of bands from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, Burn Your Fingers is an important document of the sounds currently emanating from the psych-flavoured Australian underground. Evident on this record is Syd Barrett-inspired psychedelia, jangly Byrds-esque pop, Spacemen3 drone and the noise and shoegaze sounds indebted to such bands as My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain, all of which attests to the broad spectrum of musical styles captured on this collection.

Sydney-based Belles Will Ring, who have been creating a palpable buzz amongst critics and have just released their debut album Mood Patterns, recorded a track especially for the compilation that is entirely unavailable elsewhere. Similarly, The Black Ryder - a band comprised of ex-members of The Morning After Girls, and recently handpicked for the Australian national support for The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – have submitted tracks that can also only be heard here.

Burn Your Fingers also showcases a large number of up-and-coming talents such as The Dolly Rocker Movement, who released two full-length albums through Off The Hip in 2006; Triple J Unearthed winners Richard In Your Mind; and indie pop favourites Treetops, who have played alongside The Vines and You Am I. Additionally, the compilation features unreleased and exclusive tracks from The Laurels, The Years, Starstream, The Sun Blindness, The Unheard (whose track here was incredibly recorded in 1989 and has not surfaced till now), and many, as yet,  undiscovered gems.

Like the notorious compilations Pebbles and C86 before it, Burn Your Fingers On The Sun is a startling collection of compelling new music from its time. Released by Off The Hip records, compiled by Darkland Recordings.

october 2007:
The Urges "Psych Ward" CD (OTH 7048)

SPECIAL NOTE: THE URGES play CAVESTOMP NYC 2-4 NOV with THE SONICS & many more greats!

The Urges - "Psych Ward"Born out of suburban frustration The Urges started out in a damp Dublin garage in late 2004. With little or no musical knowledge they set out to write nothing but raw stripped down rock 'n' roll.

Since then they have enjoyed the success of their debut single '(Around &) Around Again' which topped the Irish charts in the summer of 2005 and have played along side many big named bands such as The Zutons, The La's, Wild Billy Childish, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, The Buzzcocks, Babyshambles, Kulashaker and just about every major garage band since the 60's (The Electric Prunes, The Remains, The Cynics, The Pretty Things). They have been included on a number of compilations with the likes of The Hives, 5678's, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Chesterfield Kings & have spent the last year playing festivals throughout Europe including Oxygen (David Bowie, The Strokes, P.J. Harvey, The Kings of Leon) and the notorious Primitive Festival in Rotterdam, Holland (Von Bondies, The Mighty Ceasars, The Chesterfield Kings)

A new generation of teenage psych-punk bands is hitting the scene these days and the leaders of this movement are without any doubt the amazing Urges, which 'Psych Ward' proves impressively. They can be best described as the missing link between those old titans of the 60's, such as the Music Machine, the Seeds and the Electric Prunes and the 'Paisley Underground' of the 80's with bands like the Morlocks, Fuzztones and Miracle Workers.

LP version of the album will be out 1ST NOV on the way cool German label - SCREAMING APPLE RECORDS.

Johnny Casino and The Secrets "Cowboys and Indians" CD/EP (OTH 7049)

Cowboys and Indians coverJohnny Casino (Asteroid B-612/Easy Action) scoured the Australian musical landscape for his latest project - JOHNNY CASINO AND THE SECRETS. Casino is backed by a rotating band of musicians located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Tha players may vary (Brad Shepherd - Hoodoo Gurus, Kent Steedman - Celibate Rifles, Bill Gibson - Eastern Dark all appear on this CD/EP) but the basic philosophy - to invoke and celebrate the intrinsic beauty of the rock 'n' roll form - is as solid as Casino's melodic rock 'n' roll riffs. "Cowboys and Indians" is taken from the album "New Clothes Old Shoes", a record which Beat magazine called "Album of the Week" and I94BAR has called "Australian album of the year"!! This CD/EP features four exclusive tracks.

Johnny Casino and The Secrets tour Spain thru November 2007


september 2007:
Various "Antipodean Screams Vol. 2" 2xCD (OTH 7047)

Antipodean Screams Vol. 2 cover37 bands over 2 discs with great cover art from respected garage artist Darren Merinuk. Our first volume of Antipodean Screams remains one of the best sellers for the OFF THE HIP label and this second edition boasts an even stronger representation of the current rumblings from the Australian and New Zealand garage rock underground.

Many exclusive tracks, most notably: THE PERSIAN RUGS (Hoodoo Gurus), THE STEMS, THE TASH MINTS (ex-Meanies/Breadmakers), LORDS OF GRAVITY & THE CRUSADERS.

ANTIPODEAN SCREAMS is the modern day companion to these essential Australian compilations: “DO THE POP”, “TALES FROM THE AUSTRALIAN UNDERGROUND” & “UGLY THINGS”.

august 2007:
The Bo-Weevils "Anthology" 2xCD (OTH 7045)

anthology album coverThis 2xCD set features 30 songs spanning 150 minutes of music, a 20 page booklet with rare pix, complete discography and extensive liner notes from founding member Neil Rogers.

The Bo-Weevils formed in 1985 playing ‘60s inspired garage punk and released a couple of 45’s on the Kavern 7 label. The line-up changed in late 1986 – Davern (vcls/gtr/keyboard) and Nino (gtr) joined original members Mark (drums) and Neil (bass) [replacing Ian (vcls/gtr) and Stephen (gtr)]. This new line-up released a 12" ep on Kavern 7 and debut LP on Mr. Spaceman Records. Around this time their sound/style moved away from garage punk to a more psychedelic/hard edged style.

Disc 1 focuses on studio tracks from their 5 albums.  Disc 2 contains previously released live tracks, unreleased live tracks, rare B sides and tracks never before available on CD. All tracks have been re-mastered.

The Mess Makers "Wipe Your Face" CD (OTH7046)

Wipe Your Face album coverHailing from Sydney, Australia and featuring members of THE CRUSADERS, THE UNFUCKABLE, INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS, CLEAR SPOTS and NERDBURGERS, THE MESS MAKERS play garage tinged punk in a no-frills DIY vein.

Two members of THE MESS MAKERS have PHD’s, the singer has ADD. Short attention span = short sharp cuts of angry wisdom.

THE MESS MAKERS write songs about crushes, lack of sleep, uncomfortable moments and having an asthma attack.

THE MESS MAKERS are big fans of 60’s punk and psych except for Naughty Stu, he likes Gram Parsons. But THE MESS MAKERS sound like none of the above, sorry.

“Wipe Your Face” is presented first in stereo, then all 12 songs again in glorious mono, dig.

june 2007:
Various "Tomorrow Is Today" 2xCD (OTH 7043)

In 2006 Community Radio 3CR and Wakefield Press produced the Tomorrow Is Today: Australia In The Psychedelic Era, 1966-70 book documenting and celebrating the Australian youth culture of the late 1960s. In June 2007 3CR, Weather Records and Off The Hip will release a double CD featuring 19 of Australia’s finest psych, garage and indie bands covering classic songs from acts such as The Masters Apprentices, Love Ones, The Twilights and Marty Rhone. All of the tracks were recorded live, primarily at 3CR’s live-to-air studio, and a bonus disc of originals from 17 of the bands is also included. The two discs feature tracks from Even, The Green Circles, The Sand Pebbles, ninetynine, Mid State Orange, The Masonic Whores, Amaya Laucirica, The Paul Kidney Experience, Sly Hats, Thee Stag Knights, Tarantula, The Great Apes, The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers, Sun Blindness, The Love Letters, Ian D. Marks, Thee Pink Stainless Tail, King Felix and 3D TV.

The Shimmys "Drive You Wild!" CD (OTH 7044)

On their debut album “Drive You Wild!” THE SHIMMYS continue their love affair with THEE HEADCOATEES, THE 5678’s, PANDORAS, SHANGRI-LAS and the CARRIE NATION. That’s right, all girl garage trash is at the heart of what THE SHIMMYS live for, that and champagne cocktails.

may 2007:
Johnny Casino and The Secrets "New Clothes Old Shoes" CD (OTH 7042)

JOHNNY CASINO (ASTEROID B-612/EASY ACTION) scoured the Australian musical landscape for his latest project – JOHNNY CASINO AND THE SECRETS. Casino is backed by a rotating band of musicians located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The players may vary (Brad Shepherd-Hoodoo Gurus, Kent Steedman-Celibate Rifles, Bill Gibson-Eastern Dark all make appearances on this record) but the basic philosophy – to invoke and celebrate the intrinsic beauty of the rock’n’roll form – is as solid as Casino’s melodic rock’n’roll riffs.

May 2007 sees the release of the debut Johnny Casino and the Secrets album “NEW CLOTHES OLD SHOES”, a further testament to Casino’s enduring love of the rock’n’roll tradition. Whether it’s driving down the highways that lead to the Motor City, taking a meandering journey through the cactus plants of Joshua Tree, or giving thanks at the altar of Motown, Casino refuses to sit back and follow the well worn path.

Beyond the release of the Secrets album, Casino’s quest is simple and honourable – to play music anywhere and everywhere (European dates are being organized now for Oct/Nov 2007), and to record the songs that just seem to keep coming thru his head.

april 2007:
Brother Brick "Stranded In the Nineties" 2XCD (OTH 7041)

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, BROTHER BRICK played DETROIT and PUNK-tinged rock ’n’roll thru the early to late 90’s.

They released one obscure studio album called “A Portable Altamont”on an even obscurer French label as well as numerous 7”singles on great labels such as Estrus, Dog Meat and Bang!

Collected here on two CD’s you’ll find all the bands studio recordings (even their impossible to find debut cd/ep “Getting’Beyond A Shit”) as well as live stuff, demos and covers. All tracks carefully remastered from original studio tapes with a few tracks rescued from cassette tape oblivion.

The 16 page full colour booklet includes extensive liner notes and rare pics of this now legendary band that over the years included members of ASTEROID B-612, TUMBLEWEED, CELIBATE RIFLES and THE NEW CHRISTS.

BROTHER BRICK are a must for fans of HIGH ENERGY Aussie rock’n’roll a la RADIO BIRDMAN, THE EASTERN DARK and THE SAINTS!

march 2007:
Dimi Dero Inc"Sisyphus" CD (OTH 7039)

How do French rockers Dimi Dero Inc come to be so well known to so many Australian musicians, and come to produce a tribute album to Rowland S Howard? And get the likes of Mick Harvey, The Drones, Penny Ikinger, Warren Ellis, Spencer P. Jones involved? They've supported and played with/ for and in honour of so many Australian musicians, you'll feel like they should be old mates.

They've just signed to Oz label Off The Hip, who will release their new album "Sisyphus, Window Cleaning" to coincide with their Australian tour with The Drones and a host of others, in March 2007. And Dimi has been invited to join the Dirty Three hosted All Tomorrow's Parties Butlin's gig in the UK in April, performing in his other band, Youpi Youpi Yeah.

Dimi Dero Inc were born one drunken night in Paris, when a bunch of musos were pissing in each other's pockets, talking shit, and promising they should work together sometime. So they did. Dimi Dero Inc is now: Dimi (vocals, guitar), Brenko (guitar), Vinz (bass) and Manga (drums).

Two albums later they took the interest of Philippe Marie (ex-manager of the Gun Club, Cramps, Saints from the legendary New Rose French label). Their new album features Ash Wednesday (Einstürzende Neubauten, Sacred Cowboys) on synthesizers.


Dollhouse "Royal Rendezvous" CD (OTH 7038)

A little over a year ago I produced an album by Dollhouse from Enköping, Sweden. In my opinion one of the best live bands on the planet today. You often hear about bands sounding like The Stooges/MC5 (funny 'cause The Stooges never really sounded like the MC5 did they?) but here's a band that actually sounds a bit like both. Soul/R&B drenched high energy rock & roll to the max. The album's called "Royal Rendezvous" and it's finally out on March 16th through OFF THE HIP records.

Check out
Over and out.
Nicke ROYALE -

Johnny Casino and the Secrets "Get Some" CD (OTH 7040)

Special priced 13 song sampler from one of Australia’s best. JOHNNY CASINO (ex- ASTEROID B-612, EASY ACTION) has a new studio album out in 2 ’s a sneak peak. On the “Get Some”CD sampler




february 2007
The Early Hours "Lights Guitars Action" CD (OTH 7035)

Hailing from Perth, Australia, THE EARLY HOURS played garage-tinged powerpop thru the mid to late 90’s. They released two studio albums as well as notching up two European tours.

Collected here on one CD you’ll find all the tracks from the band’s two albums, “Top 10 Hits”and “Evolution”plus three tracks from their Screaming Apple 7”“I’m Drained”.

All 27 tracks carefully remastered from original studio tapes. 8 page full colour booklet includes extensive liner notes and rare pics.

THE EARLY HOURS are a must for fans of DM3, THE STEMS, and quality Australian powerpop!


january 2007:
The Dolly Rocker Movement "Purple Journey Into the Mod Machine" CD DIGIPAK

Hailing from Sydney the Dolly Rocker Movement have developed a style and sound bearing a true influence of late 60’s garage, psychedelia and freakbeat, with splashes of west coast folk.

The Dolly Rocker Movement launches their second album ‘A Purple Journey Into the Mod Machine’. The Dolly Rocker Movement's debut album "Electric Sunshine", released just 5 short months ago, is OFF THE HIP RECORDS fastest selling release to date, and this new album promises to be just as popular with the critics and paisley-clad-gentle-people ……

The Pink Fits "Fuzzyard Gravebox" CD

The Pink Fits are coming out of their Wollongong garage and are hunting down the nearest drinking hole near you. Featuring Lenny from Tumbleweed and three other guys you ain’t ever heard of, the Pink Fits are a firey conglomerate of ideas, frustration, doobjuice, whiskey and raw energy. They supply the out sound from the beach bound borders of trash, new wave punk and old time r’n’b, and mix it in with some swamp mud, fish hooks and sharpened spikes.

Various "Hellbound Honeys Vol 1" CD DIGIPAK

Modern day girl garage/rock comp featuring: LAS CURVETTES (Argentina), THE BOOBY TRAPS (Australia), THE DIRTY BURDS (UK), THE CHERRYPOPS (Germany), THE SHIMMYS (Australia), THEE GIRLFRIENDS (Spain), THEE MINKS (USA). 2 songs from each band gives you a 14 track blast of lipstick rock action!!

The Shimmys "Shake Stomp Shimmy" CD/EP

Described as trashier than Poison Ivy's lingerie collection and more primitive than Wilma Flintstone's hens' night, the Shimmys are the spiritual sisters of the Sonics, Nancy Sinatra, Billy Childish, the 5678s, the Shangri-las, the Pandoras, the Mummies and the Carrie Nations. 5 tracks of all girl garage trash!



Chuck Norris Experiment"Volume Voltage" CD

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT are the epitome of Northern European rock and roll. With influences like New Bomb Turks, AC/DC, Sex Pistols & Motoerhead CHUCK NORRIS delivers hard and heavy punkish rock!

july 2006:
Dolly Rocker Movement "Electric Sunshine" CD 13-track album(OTH 7031)

Dolly Rocker Movement 'Electric Sunshine' CD 13-track album (OTH 7031)And now for something a little different; Sydney's DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT are equal parts VELVET UNDERGROUND, BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE and georgeous west-coast folk. Blending quaint psychedelia and haunting jabs of love, DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT pervade a space in your brain that's reserved for acid. [As heard on Australia's TripleJ radio.]


Read more at:

may 2006:
Johnny Casino's Easy Action "I Paid For Affection" CD (OTH 7030)

Johnny Casino's Easy Action 'I Paid For Affection' CD (OTH 7030)Exciting second album from our Sydney/Philadelphia supergroup. JOHNNY CASINO (AKA JOHNNY SPITTLES - ASTEROID B-612) leads this mighty rock'n'roll combo; lucky punters caught them live in 2005 thru USA, Europe, Australia....and Johnny promises they'll be touring again late 2006!! YEAH!!

Off The Hip - The Label

OFF THE HIP are Australian distributors for these fine labels: VOODOO RHYTHM, SCREAMING APPLE, BAD AFRO, LOW IMPACT, SOUNDS OF SUBTERRANIA, ALIEN SNATCH, NO TOMORROW, BOOTLEG BOOZE, RAVE UP, MISTY LANE.... please get in touch for wholesale pricing or mailorder enquiries.

april 2006:
Dom Mariani "Shell Collection" CD (OTH 7029)

Dom Mariani 'Shell Collection' CD (OTH 7029) - cover artOUTTAKES AND RARITIES 1988-2006
Dom Mariani needs no introduction to anyone with an interest in honest Australian music thru the past 20 years. Having fronted such first class acts as THE STEMS, THE SOMELOVES, MAJESTIC KELP & DM3, Dom's name is synonymous with high quality guitar based pop/rock.

Collected here on "Shell Collection" are 14 cuts that've never appeared on any of his long players, including 2 exclusive songs and most tracks appearing on CD for the first time.

This CD compilation will complete your Dom Mariani collection.

march 2006:
The Booby Traps - self-titled CD (OTH 7026)

The Booby Traps - 's/t' - cover artTHE BOOBY TRAPS are influenced by primitive fuzz sounds of garage bands from the 60’s, such as The Sonics & The Count Five, melodies and arrangements from girl groups such as The Shangri-Las and the Ronettes, the swagger and grit from black R’n’B from such greats as Nathaniel Mayer and Little Richard. Modern bands with similar influences with their own unique sounds also fill out the melting pot - The Pandoras, The Muffs, The Makers & The Headcoatees, THE BOOBY TRAPS are united in their passion for all things primitive and swingin’!

Mink Jaguar - self-titled CD (OTH 7027)

Mink Jaguar - 's/t' - cover artMINK JAGUAR is from the same spiritual stratosphere as Little Rich




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